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A lot of people aren’t crazy about beetroot, but I just love them. They are in season right now so I figured it was the perfect time to make this beetroot hummus with za’atar and pomegranate. It would be a great dip to serve as a less traditional Christmas appetizer.…

super easy

I recently had a craving for meatloaf with sour cherries but couldn't find the cherries I needed. I ended up buying frozen dark sweet cherries and made the sauce myself. As I had some cherries left I decided to make dark sweet cherry clafoutis as well.


Halloween is upon us! I had so many different ideas this year but decided to go with this Mississippi mud pie graveyard with Marshmallow zombies. The mud pie is the perfect base for a zombie graveyard, while also being absolutely delicious. For our zombies we are using coloured icing to…

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To celebrate the launch of my my new blog name, I'm giving away one very unique Fern & Follie tote bag filled with some fabulous goodies - the contents will be worth over 25 euro!

From My Emerald Kitchen to Fern & Follie In 2020 I decided to take a break from blogging after years of posting a new recipe nearly every week. There were a few reasons for my decision but the main one being that I had lost the joy in blogging. I…

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I've gone through an unbelievably unhealthy few weeks lately - as I was moving house (more on that later!) and moved on from working full time to freelancing only and it was just completely hectic times. That shouldn't be an excuse though, especially as I've got my fair share of…