A new beginning

From My Emerald Kitchen to Fern & Follie

In 2020 I decided to take a break from blogging after years of posting a new recipe nearly every week. There were a few reasons for my decision but the main one being that I had lost the joy in blogging. I originally started blogging as something fun and to share my recipes – even if it meant no one would ever read them. But over time people started noticing my blog, which both led to some fantastic collaborations, but also to some nasty comments flooding my inbox whenever I would share a recipe that used an ingredient others preferred not to eat. Initially those comments didn’t bother me that much, but it started lingering in the back of my mind and it started taking away the joy I used to feel when I was blogging.

I became over-critical of anything I did for my blog. I could spend hours trying to get a photo right and end up not sharing the recipe because I just hate every photo I had taken. If something went wrong while making a recipe, I no longer thought it was funny, but became angry and frustrated. I would spend hours and hours on a Saturday trying to come up with a recipe because I felt like I had to share something new every week. I would worry about the type of comments I would get or messages I would be sent if I decided to post.a recipe that had meat in it. I created recipes that I never made again because I ended up making them based on what I felt like I had to make to make others happy, not on what I enjoyed cooking. I would become anxious whenever I got to work with a fantastic brand, because I just didn’t want to let them down. And finally, I used to have these long lists of things I wanted to try to cook, new recipe ideas, flavour combinations, and so on, and suddenly found myself being completely uninspired – similar to having a closet full of clothes but having nothing to wear.

All of this added on to this growing feeling that I was done with blogging. But then my boyfriend and I went to Australia (a month before the coronavirus pandemic kicked in) and discovering this whole new part of the world, a new culture, new foods, a new way of life was just phenomenal. I never expected it to be so different or life-changing but it really was, in so many ways. And all I wanted to do was share it with others. But I felt like I couldn’t write about Australia (or anything not related to food) with a blog called “My Emerald Kitchen”. So I set about trying to not only find my joy in blogging again, but to also find a new blog name & concept that would inspire me and that would allow me to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want, no matter if anyone ever reads it.

And let me tell you.. it has been some journey to get to this point! I spent months working with a fantastic graphic designer from my home town who helped me create the perfect blog name & logo. After some back-and-forths I decided on ‘Fern & Follie”, which symbolises my strong connection to Ireland, to nature, to going on an adventure, to being happy

So what’s going to change?

Part of my new blog brand is a whole new style. Just straight to the point, no unnecessary widgets, just a straight to the point, easy to navigate, blog.

The content will change too of course, as I’ll be expanding my horizons and sharing product reviews (food, eco-friendly, zero-waste, ..), restaurant reviews (when they reopen), travel tips, and of course recipes which will always remain my true passion! For now I have copied over all my previous recipes, and some will make their return to Fern & Follie, others will be gone forever or will be slightly modified.

Other than that everything will stay the same, my recipes will still be a mix of meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, .. I still won’t be saying how long it takes to prep & cook, as I stand by my original decision to not include this. Everyone cooks at their own pace and what might take me 5 minutes might take someone else 15 minutes or just 1 minutes. And I also think life – or at least cooking – is much more fun when you are not focused on how long it will take, but instead take your time to experiment, explore, discover.

I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my blogging life, and I do hope to interact more with anyone who takes the time to read through what I post or follows me on social media. So please feel free to comment on anything, anywhere – but let’s keep it positive.

Much love,

Tine, Fern & Follie

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  • David Wilkins

    Big congratulations ! and never ever listen to social media loons…destructive unpleasant people. I sometimes think how stressful it must be to be inside the head if someone like that!!

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