Fern & Follie

Welcome to Fern & Follie, where I’ll be blogging about cooking delicious food at home, travel tips, tips for eco-friendly living, product and restaurant/shop reviews.


I’ll be posting all kinds of recipes, from easy lunches to dinners to impress and all in my kitchen at home in Ireland. I’m not a professional chef and never took any training, everything I learned I got from  cookbooks, trying out new flavors and watching cooking shows on TV.


I first started blogging after watching the movie “Julie and Julia”, and started blogging about all kinds of things, from movie reviews to recipes. On January 1st 2014 “Tine at Home” was born, where I solely focused on recipes.


When I started my blog I was living in a beautiful apartment in Antwerp, Belgium. It was the first time I ever lived by myself and had to cook on a daily basis in my tiny but efficient kitchen. I loved every part of it: the old crooked tiles, the dodgy stove, the high ceilings, the squeaking old wooden floors. I also started learning more about food photography and buying quirky plates and cutlery in the may antique shops in Antwerp.

After moving to Ireland in 2015 I realised my name was going to be a big problem for people to pronounce, so I decided to change my blog name to “My Emerald Kitchen”. I continued to blog about my culinary adventures, while discovering everything Ireland has to offer when it comes to food, whether it was visiting local farmers or simply recommending great places to eat.


In 2019, one month before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, I went to Australia on what was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime for a few years. Even though we saw our adventure cut short, it was still a life-changing experience and it made me want to expand my horizons more and so I launched Fern & Follie, which is all about discovering what this world has to offer.



Why you won’t find any time indications on my recipes

You will notice I never post how long it takes for an entire recipe to be done. For one, it depends on your own skills. For example: how long it takes for you to chop veggies. I am quite the slow chopper myself so anyone who has mastered the right chopping technique will always get it done a lot faster than me.


But the most important reason for me not to post the cooking/prep duration, is because I could spend an entire day in the kitchen if I could and for it is more about enjoying something rather than getting it done in a certain amount of time. Obviously, if a recipe has to marinate for hours, you will be able to read it in the recipe itself, but other than that: don’t spend too much time looking at the clock and simply enjoy cooking!


What type of recipes to expect

I try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible, which includes recipes with meat or fish, but also vegetarian or vegan and gluten-free or dairy-free meals.



Something I have become very interested in recently is eco-friendly living. I have replaced a few things around the house with eco-friendly alternatives, have found a refill store to stock up on pasta, conditioner, flour, .. Although I am far from an expert on the matter, I will be sharing some of my experiences, what products didn’t work, which ones really made a difference, etc.