From My Emerald Kitchen to Fern & Follie In 2020 I decided to take a break from blogging after years of posting a new recipe nearly every week. There were a few reasons for my decision but the main one being that I had lost the joy in blogging. I originally started blogging as something […]

Want to sample some of Tipperary's finest? Cashel Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers are currently selling 3 types of hampers: regular, large & vegetarian. They all come packed full of a variety of deliciousness. The food box is delivered Free of Charge anywhere in Ireland, and the produce is delivered in an insulated cooler box. It's a fantastic way to support a few local producers from Tipperary at the same time.

Back in January, my fiancé and I drove from Melbourne up to Sydney and used the map from Empty Esky to visit some local businesses that were affected by the bush fires that were still going on back then. Little did we all know that after surviving such a huge disaster, these companies would be faced with another disaster: covid-19. I cannot imagine how hard it is for small local businesses a