Market Vegetarian by Ross Dobson

Market Vegetarian by Ross Dobson

Easy organic recipes for every occasion

Each month I look forward to finding out what new books Ryland Peters & Small have released this time, as they always seem to hit the nail on the head! This month I discovered ‘Market Vegetarian’ by Ross Dobson and decided to make it my book tip of the month for June as I haven’t featured a lot of vegetarian books yet.

I’ve mentioned it a few times but when it comes to my every day meals, I try to bring some variety into it, sometimes it’ll be with meat, sometimes fish, sometimes vegetarian or even vegan. But I always find it hard to come up with good vegetarian meals that’ll still make you feel full and happy afterwards so this book is a great addition to my already quite extensive collection of books! Keep in mind though that some recipes feature ingredients that exist in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian form, for example parmesan, roquefort (sheep) and gorgonzola (cow) so it’s important to look for a version that doesn’t have animal rennet, in case you’re cooking for vegetarians and aren’t one yourself.

Particularly good alternatives that a commonly available throughout the Ireland/UK and have similar creamy textures to these cheeses for example include:
Dolcelatte (Gorgonzola), Cashel Blue (Gorgonzola and Roquefort), Oxford Blue  (Gorgonzola), Bath Blue  (Gorgonzola), Dorset Blue Vinny  (Gorgonzola), Perl Las Blue  (Gorgonzola), Beauvale (Gorgonzola), Castello cheese (Roquefort), Gran Moravia (Parmesan), Twineham Grange (Parmesan).

For a full list of vegetarian approved products, you can visit the Vegetarian Society website.
Not only does the book have some delicious recipes in it but it also offers great advice (and photos) on how to buy your foods fresh from the market: “You’ll find some useful tips on what to look for when out shopping and how to store your produce to keep it at its best. I find it easier to categorize vegetables and fruit by how I use them in the kitchen rather than strictly by their botanical family, so that’s what I’ve done here.

Each recipe is easy to follow with clear instructions and no extravagant ingredients, it’s just good and honest food!


Salad of winter fruit with blue cheese and spinach

Salad of winter fruit with blue cheese and spinach by Ross Dobson / photography by Richard Jung

Book description
An exciting and mouthwatering vegetarian recipe collection for anyone who is interested in cooking and eating good, healthy and natural food. These delicious, no-fuss recipes from top Sydney cook Ross Dobson prove that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be labour-intensive or dull. Cooking with fresh, organic produce is healthy and simple.

The book includes ideas for creating tasty Sharing Platters, including Courgette and Mint Fritters with Spicy Tomato Jam and Baked Mushrooms with Manchego Bechamel. Midweek Meals has great ideas for healthy food in a hurry, such as the no fuss Asparagus, Sweetcorn and Goat’s Cheese Frittata. Soups and Stews make perfect one-pot meals for summer or winter, such as a Summer Sweetcorn Soup or Smoky Hotpot of Great Northern Beans.

aturday Night Suppers features recipes for when you have more time to spend in the kitchen. Treat your friends to Parpardelle Pasta with Portobello Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Chives or Home-made Cheese with Roasted Beetroot, Fennel and Pine Nuts. Ideas for Baking include savoury pies, gratins and bakes. Try Swiss Chard, Feta and Egg Pie – ideal for entertaining or the family. Finally, scrumptious Sweet Things to try include Nectarine and Pistachio Summer Crumble or the super indulgent Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse Cake.

Asparagus, sweetcorn and goats’ cheese frittata

Asparagus, sweetcorn and goats’ cheese frittata by Ross Dobson / photography by Richard Jung

About the Author
Ross DobsonRoss Dobson is a popular food writer, stylist and chef in regular demand by many newspapers and magazines, including The Sydney Morning Herald, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Olive, the BBC’s monthly magazine for foodlovers. He also has a regular monthly feature in Australian BBC Good Food magazine.

He previously ran a catering company in his native Sydney, where he also worked at Bills, the acclaimed restaurant owned by celebrity chef Bill Granger.
His latest venture is the Café at Lewers – his weekend restaurant based at the Lewers Gallery and beautiful heritage gardens at the foot of the Blue Mountains at Emu Plains in New South Wales.

Ross has contributed to a number of cookbooks and is the author of the bestselling Chinatown as well as Kitchen Seasons, Market Vegetarian and Casual Entertaining for Ryland Peters & Small.

Book info
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small (7 Mar. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1849758085
ISBN-13: 978-1849758086
Product Dimensions: 19 x 2 x 23.5 cm / 7.5 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches

You can buy this book on Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon DE.

Greek salad with creamy feta dressing and lavash crisps

Greek salad with creamy feta dressing and lavash crisps by Ross Dobson / photography by Richard Jung

Spiced cauliflower with red pepper and peas

Spiced cauliflower with red pepper and peas by Ross Dobson / photography by Richard Jung


  • Jody

    Wow, looks delish! I have the same ‘problem’ with vegetarian cooking, I have a big meateater for a boyfriend and it is always difficult to find something that satisfies him… 😉

  • Fleur

    The pictures are really mouthwatering, even when you are not a vegan

  • Joandi Loes Tholen

    This looks like an awesome book! The pictures are also very pretty.

  • Dyonne Bakker

    Nice book! Although I’m not a vegetarian! The food in the pictures looks delicious ??


    The pictures are so nice and tempting. I would love to try some recepies.

  • Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    This looks like an excellent book! All the photos look delicious!

  • cindy

    I always find it so difficult to cook vegetarian and it always fails. My husband complains that it’s because there is no meat at all.

  • stephanie parrell

    I love trying out new things. Especially things that look as good as that masterpiece!

  • Verena Friederich

    I’m a real meat eater and have the same problem when its about this kind of food, i never feel full enough. The pictures looks delicous though!

  • Natalie

    Ik ben niet zo voor vegetarische gerechten, maar probeer wel 1x in de week geen vlees te eten 🙂 Lijken me wel leuke en niet te ingewikkelde recepten.

  • Anne Murphy

    That does sound good! Whether my meal is meatless or not, I love featuring good produce, and these look beautiful!

  • amanda

    These photos are so mouthwatering! I love that not only do they give recipes, but also advice on what to pick out–perfect for someone like me!

  • Sabine

    Voor vegetarisch eten kun je me echt altijd wakker maken! Dit ziet er super lekker uit zeg!

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