Recipes from my Mother by Rachel Allen

Recipes from my Mother by Rachel Allen

Delicious recipes filled with memories

Rachel Allen Recipes from my mother

With Mother’s day coming up in the majority of countries in the world, I figured there was no better book to share with you as my book tip of the month, than Rachel Allen’s new masterpiece: ‘Recipes from my mother’. The book is dedicated to both her mother Hallfridur and her mother-in-law Darina as both women shared wonderful stories and recipes from their mothers with her.
As you may now Rachel grew up in Dublin with her sister, Irish father and Icelandic mother and has always been proud of her heritage. “I count myself fortunate in that it was a very happy home with lots of good food. While my father made great brown bread and the best poached eggs in town, it was my mum who always cooked a delicious and nutritious meal for us all to eat at the end of the day.
The book is a mix between Irish and Nordic recipes she learned from her family, as well as food she had on her family holidays abroad as a kid. The recipes are divided up in breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, baking and preserving. Some of my own favourites from the book are Wild Garlic Soup, Linguine with crab, garlic, chilli and parsley, Crabby Potato cakes with lemon and caper mayonnaise, Chicken and spinach lasagna, Pheasant casserole with tomatoe, cream and rosemary, Simple Pork Stir-fry, Blueberry and lemon almond cake, Apricot and Cardammon bread and butter pudding and many many more.

Garlic Soup by Rachel Allen

Wild Garlic SoupBook description
Rachel’s food is heart-warming. She uses gorgeous ingredients that are used in abundance to create comforting, vibrant meals. Her love of food started when she was very young, sitting in the kitchen with her mother, helping and tasting. Her mother taught her their Scandi family recipes, as well as those she picked up from living in Ireland.

Rachel became more and more passionate about food as she grew up, and she drew inspiration from her childhood memories of helping her mother cook and sitting round with her family enjoying delicious meals and treats. Here she celebrates the food memories of her childhood, alongside those of friends and other members of her family. Packed with much-loved recipes and stunning photography, this is the book to fall back in love with cooking.

Rachel Allen Scandi Meatballs with cream sauce

Scandi Meatballs with cream sauce

About the author
Rachel Allen was brought up in Dublin and left home at eighteen to study at the world-famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. Rachel is now a busy TV chef, author, journalist and mother, and still teaches at Ballymaloe.

Rachel is the author of four best-selling cookery books, which include Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home and Rachel’s Food for Living. Her extremely popular television series for RTE and the BBC have been broadcast internationally and she frequently appears on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. Her charming manner and effortless style make her a delight to watch. Rachel is columnist and contributor to a number of Irish publications, including the The Sunday Tribune magazine, and is often featured in articles and interviews in the media.

Rachel’s style of cooking is above all practical – simple but delicious food, ideal for family and friends. Her influences are both regional and global. The BBC describe her as an “Irish cooking queen” and Good Food magazine believe she “has put Irish cooking on the map in recent years”. Rachel has a devoted fan base both in the UK and Ireland, and the popularity of her television programmes continues to rise.

Rachel lives in her seaside home in County Cork with her husband Isaac, sons Luka and Joshua and their daughter Scarlett.

Book information
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (23 Feb. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0008208174
ISBN-13: 978-0008208172

You can buy this book on Amazon UK, Amazon US or Amazon DE

Left: Blueberry and lemon almond cake, Right: Apricot and Cardammon bread and butter pudding


  • Fleur

    Looks really delicious! I like a good family comfort meal

  • Annemarel

    I love family recipes . They give you that warm family feeling and the feeling of being home. Sounds like a wonderful book

  • laura

    So cool that you can give these recipes through by bringing out a cooking book. Your family will be proud, no doubt! I would love to see your cooking book all the way through!

  • Julie Mason

    My favorite cookbooks are ones that share favorite recipes from families. This definitely looks like one I can see as having a few family favorites that hit my table.

  • stepahnie

    Yum yum! Beautiful pictures and recipes!

  • Mimi Rose

    This sounds like such a good mother’s day gift! I love how gorgeous the photos look as well, they’re inspiring me to get back to cooking more with my mom.

  • Maikel

    This looks like a book thats made for me! Love the photos

  • Diana

    Look realy good and i love food haha…and mothersday is a good day to give a book like this.

  • Jolien

    Oh those dishes look amazing. I guess this book is filled with yummie recipes!

  • Joandi Loes Tholen

    I love the pictures! Very nice

  • sabine | so far so sabine

    You can’t have enough recipes. How cool it must be to have your own book of recipes! xx

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