What Katie Ate

What Katie Ate

A blogger turned book author, isn’t that something worth to be this month’s book tip? I’d say so! Katie Quinn Davies started out as a food blogger and turned her love for food into a magnificent cookbook named after her blog. What makes this book so amazing are the photos in the book. She isn’t just a food photographer, she is a food artist. The way she presents food is simply breathtaking, and goes along perfectly with her sometimes very inventive recipes. There recipes in the book are very versatile, some very easy and basic, others making use of some ingredients I’ve never even heard of. I got this book as a housewarming gift one year ago and I can recommend it to everyone!
Book description


A gorgeous and unique cookbook from the award-winning Katie Quinn Davies. What Katie Ate is a feast for your eyes as well as your table. What Katie Ate started out as an award-winning food blog by renowned food photographer, designer, writer and cook Katie Quinn Davies.
Dublin-born Katie’s simple and delicious recipes complemented by her truly stunning photography brought hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe to Katie’s table, fans who continue to log on regularly to see what Katie will eat next and be inspired by her spellbinding approach to home cooking.

This debut cookbook is full of honest, doable recipes, part inspired by Katie’s love for throwing a good meal for friends and family and part inspired by the diversity of the good ingredients.
A cookbook like no other, What Katie Ate features over 100 simple, elegant recipes you immediately want to cook, plus ideas on how you can adapt them; stories from Katie’s foodie travels and experiences; menu suggestions to tempt and inspire – and all brought to life through her extraordinary images.

Beautiful, inspirational and thoroughly delightful, What Katie Ate is a treasure to be given and enjoyed.
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