Jamie Oliver’s Comfort food

Jamie Oliver's Comfort food

One of the gifts that I got for Christmas this year was Jamie Oliver’s latest book called ‘Comfort food’, which brings together 100 ultimate comfort food recipes. I had seen some recipes from the book before in his newsletter and on his Facebook page and it looked like it was going to be yet another great one, but it actually even exceeded my expectations! I think this might actually even be his best one yet! The photos in this book are really great and there’s a whole range of different kinds of recipes. I was actually a bit worried it would only be food for when you’re feeling down but that’s not at all what it is about.

Book description
Jamie Oliver: “Comfort food means so many things to different people, and when you apply that to food, the volume of emotions it brings out is incredible. Without doubt, comfort food is completely subjective – it’s about smells, sounds and tastes. JamieComfortFood2It’s about recipes that really hit the spot at a certain time, and have the capacity to pull out explicit feelings and old memories, as well as creating new ones and passing that joy on to the next generation. Comfort food has the power to make you feel safe, secure, fulfilled, excited, loved, even a bit giddy! True comfort food can wrap its arms around you and give you a great big hug, or can tickle you pink and make you laugh. It can be about the seasons, your childhood memories, your school food, the trips your grandparents took you on, your first takeaway, your first date – it’s all about what a particular dish means to you. In a bowl, on a plate, handheld, wrapped in newspaper, eaten straight from the fridge or even from a tin, whether you’re with a big group of loved ones, in a cosy kitchen with your family or curled up on the sofa on your own, comfort food can be elegant and nurturing, or it can be downright dirty.

This book is full of the food I cook and eat when I want to celebrate, when I’m excited, when I need a little pick me up, or I feel under the weather, or frankly when I want to be a bit naughty and indulgent. All of you will have your own comfort food cookbook inside you, just as I have. In writing this book, I’ve talked to loads of people that I love and respect in food — good cooks, chefs and friends. The stories they’ve shared with me about little moments in time, as well as quirky, specific ways of creating a dish, have really helped me craft and shape the repertoire of this book. And I’ve embraced new dishes that are much loved from countries around the world, taking inspiration not only from close friends, but also directly from you guys via social media.”

You can really tell that Jamie enjoyed this book as well, there’s more room for the recipes and every once in a while he’ll add some funny little details or add some extra information or game changing tips & tricks. What I also like about this book is that it’s the opposite of 15- or 30-Minute Meals. Most of the recipes aren’t super-fast, nor are they for everyday cooking. There’s nothing that I love more than to spend hours and hours in the kitchen cooking a lovely meal and I feel like this book is really something for people who don’t cook just to put food on the table, but for people who pay attention to details, who aren’t afraid to try out new things and for who cooking isn’t a daily task but something to look forward to and to enjoy.

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