Beer & Cheese by Vinken & Van Tricht

Beer & Cheese by Vinken & Van Tricht

50 Delicious Combinations by Vinken & Van Tricht
A little while ago I was invited to a beer and cheese tasting organized by Belgian Beer and food in Antwerp. I had never thought about pairing beer with cheese before but ever since that tasting session I’ve been trying to find out more about good combinations. Some people have recommended a few combinations to me, for which i’m very grateful as it helps me a lot in getting a better feel for these flavor pairings. If you are interested in combining beer and cheese too, then I highly recommend you look for the book ‘Beer & Cheese, 50 delicious combinations by Vinken & Van Tricht’. One of them is a true beer connoisseur, the other is a well-known cheesemonger. Together they make the perfect pair to teach us all about pairing beer with cheese! 
Book description
What would happen if you were to combine the culinary expertise of two connoisseurs who are specialists in their fields? Beer sommelier Ben Vinken presents 50 top Belgian beers to cheese master Michel Van Tricht, who in turn, pairs them with the most appropriate cheeses. Their many years of experience in beer and cheese tasting result in 50 mouthwatering combinations that make the classic wine-cheese pairing pale in comparison. All of the major styles of beer and types of cheese are represented. ‘Beer and Cheese’ is a book for the true bon vivant.
Ben Vinken has been professionally involved with beer for 32 years. After holding business positions at brewing companies such as Palm and AB Inbev, he established himself as a publisher specialising in beer-related publications, including Michael Jackson’s ‘Great Beers of Belgium’ and ‘Bierpassie magazine’. He is a great advocate of marrying beer to cuisine, and this is the theme of his television series on the Belgian Vitaya channel named ‘De Biersommelier’. Michel Van Tricht owns the best cheese shop in Europe, as the ‘Wall Street Journal’ describes it. He has refined cheese since 1978, a profession that he himself mastered. He purchases the best cheeses available in Europe, ripens them in his cheese atelier and subsequently supplies them to top restaurants and cheese enthusiasts from far and wide.
Are you interested in the world of beer & cheese pairing but don’t know quite where to start? Then this book is just the thing for you! It’ll help you understand why certain combinations work and it’ll help you come up with your own pairings. You can buy this book on Amazon UK, Amazon US or Amazon DE.

If you want to try even more combinations, then I can also recommend ‘Cheese & Beer’ by Janet Fletcher, available on: Amazon UK, Amazon US or Amazon DE

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