Pure Goodness by Tanja Ting & Friends

Pure Goodness by Tanja Ting & Friends
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The most important part of being a foodie and cooking, is exploring. Whether it’s discovering new ingredients, new dishes or traveling the globe to find out more about local cuisines, if you don’t open yourself up to new experiences, you’ll have one hell of a dull kitchen. A great way to discover new flavours and recipes, is by discovering new chefs and devour their cookbooks. I recently had the pleasure of discovering the book ‘Pure Goodness’, by Tanja Ting. The book features some delicious and healthy recipes, both created by Tanja herself or by one of her many friends in Ibiza, including top chefs and restaurants. But not only that, the book is also very creative and unique as it also includes ‘recipes’ to make your own natural beauty products, free from chemicals and toxins! I for one look forward to seeing more of her recipes and beauty product ideas in the future, but in the meanwhile, let’s have a look at her fantastic first book!

Raw buckwheat bread

Raw buckwheat bread by Tanja Ting

About the Author
Tanja TingTanja Ting,avid photographer, experimenting chef and above all seeker of healthy food, nourishing living and well being is a former international model, chef and goldsmith originally from Denmark and famous for gracing the pages of high-end publications such as Italian Vogue and Elle Magazine.

She now lives in the San Rafael countryside of rural Ibiza with her husband and two children. ‘Pure Goodness’ is her first book. Tanja wanted to make a book where healthy eating can be delicious with recipes that are easy to follow. For more recipes, have a look at www.tanjating.com.


Book Description

Ibiza Delight by Wild Beets

Ibiza Delight by Wild Beets

This beautiful book is packed full of easy-to-prepare delicious recipes made from natural ingredients designed to promote health and wellbeing all the way from the sandy shores of the Balearic Islands. There are recipes contributed to the book by Ibiza’s top chefs and iconic restaurants including the Giri Cafe, Guimo, Picadeli, Wild Beets, The Rabbit Hole, The Giri Café, Passion Café, and La Paloma restaurant. If you need inspiration and guidance on living a healthier life in 2016 this is the book for you. With an emphasis on good gut health the book is aimed at helping whole families eat a more natural diet which is sugar and gluten free using nutritious, balanced and wholesome ingredients. There are quick and delicious snacks that are perfect for children that will reduce sugar cravings and simply nourishing and delicious new ways of preparing food.

The Danish-born Ibiza based author was inspired to write the book during her international modeling career when she was diagnosed with Candida Overgrowth. The lethargy, insomnia and bloating she felt were eliminated when she started to experiment with eating and cooking new foods and she found that by cutting out certain foods her symptoms improved dramatically. This book is designed for anyone interested in health and wellbeing. Tanja’s passion and love of cookery shines through and every recipe has a vibrant image alongside. She says ‘I’ve always loved cooking for my family and I wanted to share new ways of cooking that would be nourishing and yummy and that would at the same time work for everyone by restoring health and vitality’.

Breakfast ideas include Chia Porridge and Baked Avocado with Egg, for snacking during the day Tanja’s Goji Energy Bars and Cranberry Energy Balls are fantastic slow-release ideas to keep you on the go. The book has sections on Dips and Butters as well as wonderful vegetarian options, great Ibiza-inspired immune boosting juices and soups as well as new ways with fish and chicken. A whole chapter is devoted to sugar-free sweet treats that the whole family will love. The book also includes some natural beauty product ideas from the Balearic islands that are free from chemicals or toxins and made entirely from natural ingredients so you can have fun making them at home such as Face and Body Lotion Scrub Bars made from Shea Butter and Beeswax or an exfoliating Body Scrub made from Himalayan salt and Coconut oil.

‘Pure Goodness’ is available on Amazon UK.

Crispy fish fingers by Tanja Ting

Crispy fish fingers by Tanja Ting

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