Fresh by Donal Skehan

Fresh by Donal Skehan

Fresh: Simple, delicious recipes to make you feel energised

I am still getting to know Ireland’s food scene, but there is one person I still draw a lot of inspiration from, and that is Howth’s Donal Skehan. The young and brilliant chef with a very charming personality has released his latest book ‘Fresh’, at the end of October and I must say it is once again a brilliant book. Not only did he create the recipes himself, he also takes the photos: “Food photography is one of my big passions and I take all the images for my books and blog myself.” Impressed? Wait until you see what he has in store with his new book!
Book description
Donal is known for easy, fresh, home-cooked food, and his new TV series will focus on a subject close to his heart – eating for energy. The recipes in Donal’s cookbook are all about maximising your health through eating delicious and nutrient-packed food rather than any sort of deprivation. The book includes recipes for breakfasts and snacks as well as Food On The Run, Quick Cook Suppers, and Dessert & Sweet Treats, such as Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Beetroot & Chickpea Burgers, Super Power Veggie Summer Rolls, Za’atar Quinoa Poached Eggs – big on flavour and packed full of goodness!

Mega Beet Burgers

Mega Beet Burgers by Donal Skehan

About the author

Donal SkehanDonal Skehan has been cooking from the age of four when he flipped his first pancake and has been in the kitchen ever since! Inspired by a family of passionate foodies, cooking and eating hearty home cooked food has always been a way of life. In 2007 Donal started his own food blog, where he writes about his food adventures and recipes. Four cookbooks and many TV series have followed. Donal is part of the new generation of tech-savvy foodies; as comfortable using Instagram and filming for YouTube as he is cooking in his own kitchen. Donal is also an accomplished food photographer.

“I aim for balanced eating, which allows me to enjoy the food I’ve always loved but also puts a focus on including as much seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and smaller amounts of high-quality meats in my diet. I take my time to cook and I take my time to eat. These ‘rules’ allow me to stay true to what I believe good home cooking to be – at its heart, this is a book of healthy, fresh recipes that are as nourishing as they are delicious.” – Donal Skehan

Coconut Macarons by Donal Skehan

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