Mission Cookpossible by Amelia Thorne and Jose Fragoso

Mission Cookpossible by Amelia Thorne and Jose Fragoso

For this months’s book tip I have decided to go for something I’ve never done before: a children’s cook book! As I don’t have kids myself I don’t usually post things for the little ones but this book caught my eye and I simply loved it! With the weather getting colder and the rain pouring down I can imagine it being hard to keep those devils happy and busy throughout the days. I’ve always believed it’s important to get kids into food and cooking from a young age, as that’s what I did as well. I still remember my kids baking book with that one recipe for the best butter cookies I have tasted to this day. And yes, I still have that book in my cook book collection, sitting right there in between Jamie Oliver’s and Donal Skehan’s books.

Anyway moving back to the book tip of course! Written by Amelia Thorne and illustrated by none other than Jose Fragoso, ‘Mission Cookpossible’ is a fully-personalised, professionally printed cookery book where every child can be the main character. It’s time to escape from the grip of a dastardly enemy who wants our hero to make him and his friends afternoon tea and supper. It’s a unique adventure that will inspire any child to get reading, get cooking and learn valuable life skills.
Mission Cookpossible!
Book Description
A personalised cookery adventure: you make it and they bake it! It’s a story, it’s a cookbook and your child is the hero.
‘A dastardly enemy is having a party. Your child has been kidnapped and must create afternoon tea and supper for the evil gathering or there will be Consequences! The situation is tense: can everything be cooked in time? Where oh where is their best friend and when are they coming to help? And more to the point – is there any way out of this horrible kitchen?’

“It really is a unique product,” explains Thorne. “Parents can visit our website to add their child’s name, the name of a friend, a fictional enemy and then choose from a wide selection of recipes (we have fifteen ranging from full afternoon tea, a choice of supper dishes all the way to a snappy pre-bedtime snack). We then send the book to the printers and it arrives 100% customised. It has to be seen to be believed.”

Continuing, “We spent a wonderful summer turning the kitchen upside down to test not only the recipes, but also the cooking instructions. If something wasn’t clear to our team of young test chefs, we changed it. We now have an adventure that straddles fiction and the real world that introduces children to the joys of cooking, and gets them reading along the way.”
Mission Cookpossible
Some of the recipes in the book are fixed but you are also given the option to choose half the recipes of the book yourself, giving you the opportunity to add in recipes that your kid will love for sure! You can choose from the following recipes, I marked them with * if they are in the book already.


Tea time

Hildegard’s Special Scones
Mr Archibald’s Freezing Fruit Smoothies
Colonel Crackpot’s Gingerbread
Griselda’s Rainbow Jam Tarts*
Dobbin’s Fabulous Flapjacks
Florinda’s Berry Butterfly Cakes
Peregrine’s Perfect Pot of Tea*
Sagittarius’s Carrot Cake
Lady Gertrude’s Ripping Raspberry Jam*
Colonel Crackpot’s Not Very Deadly Dropscones
Mr Archibald’s Lovely Lemonade with Incredible Ice Cubes

Supper recipes

Tomato Soup à la façon de Clorabella Swish
Doctor Socks’s Pizza Performance
Bread for Bears*
Griselda’s Fine Fishy Parcels
Apollo’s One Pan Lemon Roast Chicken
Jean-Claude Psychochef’s Duck Cassoulet
Erksplunch Scruntlebeast’s Magical Beef and Peas
Flapper’s Fluffy Baked Apples
Professor Glooper’s Toffee Sauce*
Snuffles the Mouse’s Chocolate Mousse*
Flapper’s Luscious Lemon Pie
Lizzie’s Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies*

Mission Cookpossible!
About the author and illustrator
Amelia Thorne is something of a children’s book revolutionist, the brains behind the ‘Mr. Glue’ series of interactive digital books that allow kids to choose a story, become its main character, add their own illustrations, sound effects and music and even email the finished creation to a friend.

The series has seen huge success, inspiring yet another truly unique and game-changing creation. This time it comes in the form of a printed book unlike anything else on the market.

‘Mission Cookpossible’ is an adventure and recipe book that will have children diving into a gripping story, before making a beeline for the kitchen to get cooking and keep up with the action. And, following Thorne’s philosophy that every child should be totally immersed, the entire thing is personalised!

Thorne was thrilled to collaborate with Jose Fragoso. “Jose moved from his native Spain to Chicago, where he has illustrated for many of the biggest names in the children’s book world. Also a gifted educator, there’s nobody better who could have joined me to bring this project to stunning life.”

To purchase, ‘Mission Cookpossible’ or discover more about the amazing ‘Mr. Glue’ book series, visit the official website: mrgluestories.com.
Amelia and Jose
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Mission Cookpossible!


  • Courtney Patterson

    This looks super fun and something that my daughter might enjoy. I’ve always been an advocate of getting kids into the kitchen and this is definitely a fun way to do it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Carrie Hardy

    Love this! We purchased a children’s cookbook a number of years ago and my kids wore it out! They are the perfect way to get kids into the kitchen experimenting! Great read.

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