Nourish Bowls

Nourish Bowls

Simple and Delicious Balanced Meals in a Bowl

As a food blogger I have an insane amount of plates in my home, really insane! Yet I still feel like I am missing a lot of great pieces, and one type that I really don’t have enough from is bowls.  It’s undeniable that food in bowls has become a massive trend as it’s not only nice to look at, it can help you get the perfect amount of food and not over-eat by, for example, using big plates.  There is something so beautiful about food in bowls as well, if you can find a great recipe of course and that is exactly what Nourish bowls is all about.

Nourish Bowls is the ultimate guide to creating your own bowl, which is quick and easy to prepare on top of giving you an idea of how to present it if you want to impress people. The book provides 60 original hearty and photogenic recipes with all the elements you need for a delicious meal. Follow these or mix and match the key components to your own taste – the combination possibilities are endless!

Nourish Bowls is more than a recipe book, it’s a guide to creating your own unique and beautiful bowls. The key components for building the perfect nourish bowl are explained, with recipes split into ‘Breakfast Bowls’, ‘Light Bowls’ and ‘Full Bowls’, so you can enjoy this wholesome new way of eating at any time of day.

Apple Salad - Nourish Bowls

Apple Salad, photo by Issy Croker

Book description
Nourish bowl, hippie bowl, buddha bowl, rainbow veggie bowl, poke bowl,glow bowl – these are just some of the names given to one of the most prevalent current food trends. Search for any of those names as a tag within Instagram and you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of images of hearty, wholesome meals in a bowl.

The basic premise of the nourish bowl is simple to follow: build a layered bowl with a leafy greens base, add raw or cooked vegetables or fruits, include a protein-rich element along with some healthy fats, keep the carbs to a minimum and then top with a final extra flourish in the form of a dressing, seeds or berries.

While the ideal nourish bowl should contain each element in the prescribed proportions – with the greater emphasis on healthy vegetables and fruit – there is huge variety possible with the nourish bowl concept. With countless combinations of vegetables,grains, meat and fish, this book gives meal-time inspiration for creating inventive and delicious bowl of health-giving food. A nourish bowl can be quick and simple to prepare, with many elements being eaten raw. With every recipe photographed, showing the beautiful finished nourish bowl, eating well has never been so enticing or easy.

Nourish Bowls

Photo by Issy Croker

About the photographer
Issy CrokerIssy Croker is a lifestyle photographer, specialising in food, portraits and travel. She shoots regularly for cookbooks and publications around the world. As the photographer behind ‘the curious pear’ and a food editor at Suitcase Magazine, Issy tells global culinary stories through her photography. She is based in London, but available to the world.

Speaking of ‘the curious pear’, Issy tells: “In the (bone-shatteringly cold) winter of 2015 we moved to Brooklyn, which coincided with us landing a weekly column for SUITCASE Magazine. We named ourselves The Curious Pear because, well, we’re a very curious pair. Through fistfuls of food and happy hour cocktails we met and interviewed some of the most inspirational people in the New York food world. It struck us that not enough light is shone on the people behind the food we eat.

Working as a chef, cook, or business owner in the industry takes a very certain kind of person. In our experience, that kind is tenacious, energetic and (almost always) incredibly fun, and we think their stories are worth hearing. After returning to London with a serious case of post NYC blues, we started creating articles on the city’s feeders, and started regularly contributing to more publications. Since then we have interviewed a few of our culinary superheroes, including Yotam Ottolenghi, Fergus Henderson, Diana Henry and Magnus Nilsson, and discovered a whole host of incredible new people like Uyen Luu, Tom Hunt, Anna Jones and Olia Hercules.”

Book info
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1849497982
ISBN-13: 978-1849497985

You can buy this book on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon DE

Photo by Issy Croker

Photo by Issy Croker


  • Kiara Catanzaro

    I love the concept behind this! It’s wonderful to see that simple, nutritious and delicious food is more common for people. I personally am working on my diet to make it more simple and healthy!

  • Crystal @ Dreams, etc.

    This sounds like a great book! I need to check this out because I’ve been intrigued by all the “nourish bowl” and “buddha bowl” recipes that I’ve seen out there. 🙂

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