The Student Cookbook (+ giveaway!)

The Student Cookbook (+ giveaway!)

Great grub for the hungry and the broke

Ahh September.. back to school month! I always loved studying and I’m currently looking into getting another degree on my belt, even though it’s been 5 years since I last graduated! Although I studied for 5 years, I never got to experience what it was live away from my parents, as both my Uni & Uni College were within 20 minutes of my parents’ home. My sister, on the other hand, is currently studying in Leuven, Belgium where she rents a room throughout the week. As I never lived in such a student room myself, I never knew how hard it was for students to come up with meals that are both affordable yet nutritious and delicious enough, until I heard my sister tell all about it. I wasn’t really big into cooking until my early 20s so I can’t imagine how I would’ve handled having to cook for myself on a budget at the age of 18 but thankfully there are plenty of cookbooks and blogs out there nowadays to help those looking for inspiration. One of those cookbooks is ‘The Student Cookbook’ by Ryland, Peters & Small.

The book straight away dives in with really helpful tips for those who are only just starting their life behind the pots & pans. Tips include some ingredients to stock up on, tips for defrosting food, some food safety tips (don’t put your hot food in a fridge!), how to substitute dried herbs for fresh ones, how to store oils/meat/coffee/.., and much more! The instructions are easy to follow, most of the ingredients are quite basic as well, some might be a bit more unusual but you might be able to ask your parents for a loan of their spices in that case or just buy your own one as they are quite cheap.

Most of the recipes will serve more than just one person, usually 4 (sometimes even up to 6), which means you can invite your fellow students over for a nice group dinner, and agree that one of them cooks next time!

Lamb in pita bread

Lamb in pita bread – Photography © Ryland Peters & Small

Couscous with feta, dill and spring beans

Couscous with feta, dill and spring beans – Photography © Ryland Peters & Small

Book description
You might think that dinner’s sorted if you have baked beans in the cupboard and a loaf of bread from last week, but sometimes you crave a proper meal – just like you’d get at home – without needing a degree in cookery.

If you’re no Jamie or Nigella don’t worry ; there is hope for you yet. The Student Cookbook will get you through your studies and become more valuable to you than any textbook. You won’t need lots of kitchen gadgets, hours in front of the stove or a loan to make these recipes – they are all easy and cheap and will fill you up, warm the soul, soothe the body and fuel the mind.
Start with Kitchen Know-how: which essentials to stock up on so that you always have the foundation of a simple meal; tips on key equipment to buy; simple rules of food hygiene and kitchen safety; and no-fuss ingredients tips so you can whip up some grub no matter how little is lurking in your kitchen.

When you’re having a late-night essay crisis and you turn to the fridge for salvation, the Student Cookbook will come to the rescue with quick, stress-free snacks & Sides. Chapters on Easy mains and vegetarian mains include everything you could possibly want in your repertoire: toad-in-the-hole, spaghetti bolognese, chilli chicken enchiladas, vegetable noodle stir-fry and lots more. Master the recipes in Food to impress and you’re sure to win friends. Finally, when there’s no chocolate in the house and you need to satisfy a sweet craving, turn to sweet things and indulge in mint brownies and nutty plum crumble.

Chocolate and cinnamon brownies / Peanut butter brownies

Chocolate and cinnamon brownies / Peanut butter brownies –
Photography © Ryland Peters & Small

Book information
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small; UK edition edition (13 Jun. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1849758603
ISBN-13: 978-1849758604
Product Dimensions: 19 x 1.5 x 19 cm

You can buy this book on Amazon UK, Amazon US or Amazon DE

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Rosemary potatoes

Rosemary potatoes – Photography © Ryland Peters & Small

Roast Peppers Stuffed with Pasta and Tomatoes / Peperoni Ripieni

Roast Peppers Stuffed with Pasta and Tomatoes / Peperoni Ripieni – Photography © Ryland Peters & Small


  • Lauren

    These dishes look great! I loved to cook in college and may have made use of a crock pot a few times in my dorm room (totally against the rules, but I’m a food rebel I guess…). This book looks super helpful!

  • Lynn Woods

    What a great cookbook. I could have used this when I was in college!

  • Mary

    This looks like a great cookbook. I could have used this when I was in college!

  • stephanie parrell

    So many great recipes here. I always cook and bake way more in the fall and winter months and I am excited to get back into it 🙂

  • Jennifer L

    Wow wish I had this when I was a freshman, so many great recipes! I’m going to need to make that Couscous with feta, dill and spring beans

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