Have yourself a merry Carraig Donn Christmas

Have yourself a merry Carraig Donn Christmas

I am so excited that December is here! Not just because I’ll be going home for the holidays or because I’m a sucker for Christmas but also because the Carraig Donn Christmas catalogue (available in store) was released and you’ll be able to spot 3 delicious Christmas recipes in there made by yours truly! I had such a fantastic time making them, not in the least because of the gorgeous plates and decorations I got to use. They put me in the Christmas mood already, even though it wasn’t even close to Christmas yet when I made them! I had so many favourite pieces, it’s kind of hard to pick only a few ones to write about here so I do recommend you pay a visit to their stores to see what else they have.
First of all let me start with the Delphi Winter Wonderland set (above), which has dinner plates, salad plates and bowls. Each set comes with 4 items and there are matching mugs, a Sugar & Creamer Set and a teapot as well in the same style. It’s first set of Christmas plates I’ve ever owned and I couldn’t be happier with them, they give your whole dinner table a bit of an extra Christmas vibe, which plain plates simply can’t give you.

Carraig Donn Christmas Collection
To server my starter (a fresh salmon starter with goat cheese, beetroot, apple and radishes) and main course (bacon wrapper honey glazed beef meatloaf) I went with the Reindeer plate from the Lapland collection, along with the serving bowls from that same collection on top of the ones from the Delphi Winter Wonderland set to serve some sauces and croutons. Looking for a divided dish to serve some treats or appetizers? You’ll find it in the same collection along with some matching mugs, a salt & pepper set, spoon rest and canister. It’s very easy to mix & match these items as well as the mistletoe on the plates & bowls from the Lapland collection go so well with the gorgeous drawings from the Delphi collection.

But you can also mix & match it with items from the Seasons fair dessert collection to present any kind of dessert you can think of!

Carraig Donn Christmas Collection

Carraig Donn Christmas Collection
When it comes to those desserts, Carraig Donn offers quite a lot of options to present them, I personally used the 2 tier cake plate from the Seasons Fair Collection as a cupcake holder to serve my Christmas spiced cupcakes but I also loved their adorable mugs which are great for hot cocoa and marshmallows, which came with matching wavy plates that can be used for crunchy Christmas cookies! Baking your own cake/pie this year? You might want to try using the festive snowman cake plate from the Lapland collection, with the cutest little snowman on it.

Decorating the table was really easy as well as the store sells plenty of options! I really got hooked on the golden star, which I draped with some Christmas lights. Some of my other favourites to set the table are the red holly berry garland and some red & white candles.

Carraig Donn Christmas Collection
Last but not least Carraig Donn are selling great little bits and pieces for your interior in general, amongst which is this adorable Santa including gifts & his ski’s (also available in beige)! I wish they would sell those boots for us too cause damn to they look warm and comfy!
Right along side Santa you could put up a brown berry cone, which looks like a Christmas tree. Put some real pine tree branches next to it and spray with fake snow for a gorgeous winter scene. You could also add their brown berry garland cause you don’t want to have too much red & green all over the place, you should break it up with some brown, gold & white accents here and there.

Bringing the party to your home can be done very quickly with these 3 dancing characters, including one slightly drunk looking leprechaun and his two mates: birdie and Mr. deer.

And that’s it! Now you’re done with decorating the place it’s time to start planning the menu! For the next 3 weeks I’ll continue my Christmas countdown by sharing 4 great Christmas recipes with you all, 3 of which you can find in the Carraig Donn catalogue as well. I’ll be sharing my fresh starter with smoked salmon, beetroot, apple, radishes and goat cheese: a healthy and light way to kick off the party. Next up will be my spectacular dinner made with bacon wrapped honey glazed beef meatloaf with mushrooms and cranberries, served with apple sauce and potato croquettes (my favourite Christmas side dish). Looking for some easy desserts? I have two options for you guys: Christmas spiced cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and some Kerrygold Butter cookies dipped in Guinness Chocolate sauce. Hope you’ll enjoy my countdown to Christmas!

Carraig Donn Christmas Collection
Carraig Donn Christmas Collection
Carraig Donn Christmas Collection*This post is sponsored by Carraig Donn


  • Tretre Mac

    It’s awesome that your recipes have been included in this year’s Christmas catalogue. The dishes that you have chosen to serve them with are very beautiful. Happy Holidays.

  • Ellie Augustin

    Oh my GOODNESS How beautiful! I would be super nervous with my crazy kids but this the photographer in me would not be able to stop taking all the pictures I could. Just feels me with the Holiday spirit. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Anna Nuttall

    Wow beautiful photos. Omg I would love to decorate Christmas like this. Oh also congrats on getting your recipes feature on the catalogue. xx

  • Candy Kage

    Love all the christmas plates, mugs and decorations. Very inspiring and your photos are beautiful.

  • Emily Bendler

    Love all of the server ware!! A great way to display all the christmas treats!

  • Lisa W

    What cute festive plates and serving dishes! I like that little ornament ball Christmas tree!!

  • Reynna Dela Cruz

    Congratulations on your recipes being in the catalogue! That’s so cool! How cute are all these little decorations! I love them!

  • Breda delamere.

    Hi, I am wondering if you have a set of winter wonderland dinner plates.,as I already have one set, but the mullingar store does not have a second set.

    • Tine

      Hi Breda, I have big plates and smaller plates yes but I bought them last year so not sure which stores might have it at the moment..

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