Honey + Cinnamon, The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop

Honey + Cinnamon, The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop

Back in January, my fiancé and I drove from Melbourne up to Sydney and used the map from Empty Esky to visit some local businesses that were affected by the bush fires that were still going on back then. Little did we all know that after surviving such a huge disaster, these companies would be faced with another disaster: covid-19. I cannot imagine how hard it is for small local businesses anywhere in the world, let alone those that were still trying to recover from a previous disaster. One of those local businesses we stopped at is called The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop.

A gorgeous little shop filled with jams, honey, chutney, sauces, .. It was an insanely hot day when we stopped there and they had just lost all electricity in the town so they were struggling keeping some of their produce cold/frozen but they still greeted everyone with a smile.
I bought a couple of different products: a couple of biscuits, honeys & marinades and they were all spectacularly tasty so I’m looking forward to ordering some more of their products online.

One of the products they sell is honey + cinnamon, a delicious combination to spread on crepes or french toast or to use in your homemade pastry recipes or in tea. I absolutely love cinnamon on pastries and I use honey quite a lot, especially in granola or protein balls/bars and cinnamon goes well with granola as well of course. There are just so many different ways you can use this honey + cinnamon jar, you’ll run out before you know it!

Where to buy
The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop https://handstirred.com.au

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