Apple – Gingerbread Syrup Sparkling Mocktail

super easy

750 ml

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I really went out of my comfort zone this weekend by making a layered cake recipe and 2 mocktails. The mocktails aren’t that new, I did make quite a lot of them last year but I was never hugely happy with the photos I took but they tasted amazing and were such fun to make. On the other side, I really don’t enjoy making layered cakes as I just don’t have the patience or finesse to make everything look even and well-finished unlike my friend The Sweet Maven.

But when I opened up the bottle of Monin Gingerbread Syrup I immediately thought of 3 recipes that would go so well with it. The first one is this extremely simple apple-gingerbread syrup sparkling mocktail. I mean it really could not be easier to make! You only need a few ingredients to make this and it’s ready in no time.

Tip: It’s also great when served warm as a tea!



Adjust Servings
500ml good-quality apple juice
4tbsp Monin Gingerbread Syrup
250ml soda water (or more)
1 red apple (to serve)


If you're making it as a tea
Heat up the apple juice and syrup in a pot. Add boiling water instead of soda water (same quantity) and enjoy!
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If you're making it as mocktails
Add the apple juice and syrup to a jug and stir well.
Top up with soda water when you're ready to serve. You can add more for a lighter apple-gingerbread taste but I would not go for more than the same amount of apple juice.
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Slice up an apple in discs (from top to bottom)
Half each disc and put one disc in the mocktail glass.
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