Avocado and basil pesto tagliatelle with pine nuts and walnuts

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I recently asked on my Facebook page what kind of recipes you would all like to see more of, and popular response was “pasta”. At the same time, I’ve been getting requests from my vegetarian friends to help them find some dishes that don’t require meat or fish. So today’s recipe is created to suit everyone’s needs: it’s a pasta side dish that uses no meat or fish at all and is completely vegetarian. You can easily make it vegan by using vegan cheese as well. I’ve provided some tips below on what you can serve along with this recipe and it includes options for vegetarians, meat lovers and fish fans.

Serving tip

You can eat this dish just like this, but I would recommend using it as a side dish and serving it with one of these options below.
Veggies: Don’t feel like eating fish or meat today? Serve this dish with some delicious pan fried mushrooms or zucchini and grilled cherry tomatoes!
Meat: Chicken is definitely your best option!
Fish: Any white fish will go well with this, or prawns.

Avocado and basil pesto tagliatelle with pine nuts and walnuts



Adjust Servings
2 ripe avocados
1 lime
50g pine nuts
50g walnuts
25g basil leaves and stems
1 clove of garlic
50ml olive oil
250g fresh tagliatelle
parmesan or vegan cheese
salt & pepper


Cook the pasta according to instructions in salted water
It should only take a few minutes
Mark as complete
Make the avocado pesto
Simply put the avocado, basil leaves, lime juice, few grinds of pepper, salt (optional, I never add any), olive oil and garlic clove in the food processor and blend blend blend!
Mark as complete
Heat up a small bit of oil in a frying pan
Roughly chop the walnuts and pan fry them with the pine nuts at high heat for a few minutes. Alternatively you can also roast them in the oven but it will take a while for the oven to heat up and they only need to cook for a few minutes.
Mark as complete
Drain the pasta, add the pesto and coat well.
Serve with the nuts, some parmesan and fresh basil.
Mark as complete

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