Banoffee Waffles


12-15 Depending on the size of the waffle maker

I previously shared my basic recipe for Belgian/Brussels Waffles on my blog already. But now it’s time to take that recipe to the next level and turn it into Banoffee Waffles. I kept nearly everything from the original recipe, but added more flour as I wanted the waffles to be thicker to be able to hold the toppings. I used Nestlé’s caramel drizzle sauce, made my own whipped cream, used fresh bananas and topped it up with Cadbury Flake 99 bars.This recipe makes about 12-15 waffles, depending on the waffle maker you are using. I bought 1 box of 14 flakes, which was plenty so if you can only find a box of 4 I would probably go for 3 rather than 4 boxes.




Adjust Servings
500g self-raising flour
150g butter
300ml hot water (not boiling)
300ml milk (full-fat)
3 large eggs
8g fast-action dried yeast This is the yeast that requires mixing with water, there is also a type that doesn't need water
9g vanilla sugar If you cannot find sugar, you can replace it with a few drops of vanilla essence, about 1-2 tbsp depending on how strong it tastes
3 bananas
500ml double cream
10 Cadbury Flake 99 Chocolate Bars The pack I bought contained 14 bars which was plenty
2tbsp icing sugar
Caramel sauce/drizzle


Add milk, water, and yeast to a bowl.
Mix it together well.
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Melt the butter at medium-high heat, and let it cool down a bit before using.
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Separate the eggs
Put the egg whites in a grease-free bowl and add the yolks to your milk mixture.
Mix together really well!
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Sift the flour into the bowl
Mix it and add vanilla sugar (or essence) and the butter to it.
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Beat the egg whites into a stiff peaks.
For this to work you really need to have a clean & grease-free bowl, fresh eggs and some patience. 
Start beating the whites at low speed until they are foamy, then move on to medium-high. If you're struggling to get the foam to be sturdy enough, add just a little bit of sugar to it. The result should be a thick foam that should stay put if you hold your cup upside down.
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Add the egg whites to the bowl
Fold them under the mixture carefully with a spatula. Using a mixer at this stage will destroy the texture of the foam and will break your dough.
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Cover the bowl with a wet towel and let it stand for 1,5 hours in a draught-free space
Now that the hard part is over, all you have to do is heat up your waffle iron to 200° C and bake the waffles until they are brown and crispy on the outside.
Some people prefer to grease the iron a little bit with oil or butter, but I didn't do that myself. Also, be careful not to open the waffle iron too fast, you'll need to wait at least 3-4 minutes before opening it or else you might split the dough in half and it ain't easy to clean that back up!
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Check the waffles after 3-4 minutes
If you're not happy with it you can continue to bake them longer and check them regularly.
You can also bake them only for 4-5 minutes and toast them later if you don't plan on eating them fresh.
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While the waffles are baking you can whip up the fresh cream with the icing sugar
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Waffles, assemble!
Slice up the banana and put them on the waffles, top up with freshly whipped cream, the caramel drizzle and finish with the flakes. You can crumble these up or serve them as they are.
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