Basil & Chives Potato Waffles with Chorizo, Mascarpone and Butter-Honey Sauce



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A delicious Belgian waffle with whipped cream, fresh fruit and powdered sugar: oh isn’t that a treat? It’s no wonder Belgium is known around the world for their waffles. But even though they are usually considered to be a sweat treat, you can get very creative with these waffles, which is exactly what I decided to do.

Even though I had never eaten them myself, I decided to give this Belgian classic an Irish twist by turning them into potato waffles, made from creamy mashed potatoes with lovely Kerrygold butter and herbs, served with cold mascarpone balls, crispy chorizo and tasty spring onion. As a finishing touch I made a honey-butter sauce, which you can firm up in the fridge and then serve as little peaks on top, after which they’ll melt all over the waffle.
You can of course make up your own toppings, like bacon or an egg if you want to make a breakfast potato waffle, or you can also serve it with other things like Irish lamb, steak, sausages or rotisserie chicken or even some fresh cod.

Basil & chives potato waffles with chorizo, mascarpone and butter-honey sauceBasil & chives potato waffles with chorizo, mascarpone and butter-honey sauce
Basil & chives potato waffles with chorizo, mascarpone and butter-honey sauce



Adjust Servings
1kg potatoes
2 eggs
175g salted Kerrygold butter - room temperature
75g self-raising flour (can be gluten-free)
4tbsp chopped fresh chives
4tbsp chopped fresh basil
280g chorizo
5 spring onions
2tbsp honey
1tbsp olive oil
1tsp nutmeg
100g mascarpone
salt & pepper


Peel the potatoes while boiling a pot with salted water
Slice them in half and place them in a pot with boiling salted water for 20 minutes, until you can easily pierce them with a fork.
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Drain the potatoes and put them back on low heat.
This will help any remaining water evaporate.
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Add the eggs and 50g of Kerrygold butter and mash it
Add chives and basil with a pinch of pepper and salt to taste and finish with a teaspoon of nutmeg.
Last but not least we are going to add some flour. Mix it all together with a spoon, lumps aren't bad in this case, it'll give your waffles more structure but try to not have too many of them or big ones.
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Heat up a waffle iron and add a bit of butter to it.
Add a bit of the mash (try one first to find out how much you need/want for your ideal waffle size) and cook them until crispy.
You can keep them warm in an oven while baking the rest of them. Also, compared to real waffles, these ones won't (or shouldn't) rip when you open the waffle iron to check on them.
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While baking the waffles you should have enough time to work on the other ingredients.
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Let's start with our butter-honey sauce.
Mix 125g of butter with honey and a tablespoon of olive oil until you get a thick sauce.
Place in the fridge until you're ready to eat.
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When nearly all the waffles are done, slice up the chorizo in slices and do the same for the spring onion.
Heat up some olive oil in a frying pan and cook the spring onion, set aside and cook the chorizo until crispy
By doing the onion first we'll prevent the oil from the chorizo and their spices to spread all over the onion, causing it to lose some of its own taste.
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Plating time!
Get a little scoop out of the mascarpone and roll it into a little ball.
Place a few slices of the chorizo next to it, sprinkle some spring onion on top and finish off with a few peaks of butter-honey sauce. Add some fresh chives on top and enjoy!
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