Black Forest Trifle With Alcohol-Free Soaked Cherries, Eggless Chocolate Mousse, Whipped Cream, Swiss Roll and Cadbury Flakes



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After previously using the Monin gingerbread syrup and the New Orleans Bitter from All the Bitter I’m now using another fantastic ingredient I got from Caleno Dark.& Spicy Non-Alcoholic Tropical Rum. As soon as I opened it, I knew right away I wanted to make soaked cherries with it, as it honestly really smells like rum. So I used it to make my very first trifle, a Black Forest Trifle With Alcohol-Free Soaked Cherries, Eggless Chocolate Mousse, Whipped Cream, Swiss Roll and Cadbury Flakes.

The Swiss roll isn’t homemade, but it is important to get the right brand. Cause let me tell you, some of the cheaper options in the supermarket are really horrible. Do keep in mind as well that the cherries need to soak for a good while, you cannot make this recipe right away basically.



Adjust Servings
1kg cherries If you have time to remove the pits, get fresh ones, if not get tins of black cherries
50cl Caleño Dark & Spicy non-alcoholic spirit
200g granulated sugar
200g dark chocolate
100g butter
1250ml double cream
125g icing/powdered sugar 4
250g mascarpone My sheets were about 1.6g per sheet so I used 2 sheets
400g chocolate Swiss roll
2 flakes


The cherries need to be soaked for at least 24h
If you are using fresh ones: set a few aside to decorate the trifle with and remove the pits and stems from the rest.
If you are using tinned ones: drain the cherries and refill with the juice below.
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Put a saucepan on medium heat
Add the granulated sugar and Caleno non-alcoholic rum.
Put the cherries in a heat-proof jar that you can close. Once the sugar has dissolved you can pour the juice over the cherries. Top with water to make sure they are fully covered. Leave to cool down before closing the lid and keep in a cool dry place. You can leave this for up to a month.
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Slice the Swiss roll into slices of about 1cm thickness.
Put the Swiss roll slices along the sides of the trifle bowl. Add the remaining slices in the centre of the bowl on the bottom (I had about 2 layers of 3 slices each).
Drain the soaked cherries and create your second layer. Start by putting them on top of the Swiss roll on the side of the bowl and put the remaining cherries on top of the slices that are on the bottom.
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Next up: chocolate mousse
To make this, melt chocolate and butter at low heat. Add 1 dl (adjust if you adjust the serving size of this recipe) of cream once they have melted.
Take off the heat and allow to cool down completely.
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Whip 4dl of cream with 50g of icing sugar and the mascarpone
Gently fold the chocolate mixture under the whipped mixture and spoon on top of the cherries.
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Whip the remaining cream with the remaining icing sugar
Spoon on top of the chocolate mousse and place the trifle in the fridge.
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Spread the freshly whipped cream on top
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Break up the flakes and sprinkle on top.
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Finish with a handful of fresh cherries to decorate
Be careful eating them as they'll have the pit still in it
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