Black pudding, apple and cranberry sausage rolls



One of my favourite appetisers to make are sausage rolls. They can be so easily adapted to whichever season you’re in. For my Winter/Christmas version I decided to replace the usual pork sausage meat by black pudding from Whelan’s Butchers in Clonmel. I also added some apple and cranberry for that extra Winter flavour.

Another reason why I like making these, is because they are just so easy to make. These ones are a bit messier than usual though. The black pudding will stain your hands when rolling up your sausage rolls. But once they are baked in the oven you can’t really tell anymore so your guests won’t be able to see it anyway.

I loved these little sausage rolls so much that I’m going to be bringing some Irish black pudding home with me to Belgium for Christmas, so I can make it for my family! We do have “beuling” in Belgium as well, but it doesn’t have the grains/texture or flavour compared to the Irish one.

Because of the cranberry and apple inside, they are quite juicy and not dry at all. However, you can serve them with some ketchup or some Ballymaloe relish if you’d like of course.

Black pudding, apple and cranberry sausage rolls

Black pudding, apple and cranberry sausage rolls

Black pudding, apple and cranberry sausage rolls



Adjust Servings
300g black pudding
320g puff pastry (rectangle)
1 large red apple
100g cranberry jam or jelly
1 egg
handful of black sesame seeds or chia seeds


Preheat your oven to 220°C (200°C for fan assisted ovens)/Gas Mark 7.
Remove the black pudding from its packaging. Using your hands crumble up the black pudding in a bowl.
Mark as complete
Remove the peel from the apple and slice it up in small pieces, add to the black pudding.
Mark as complete
Scoop out your cranberry jam and mix in with the black pudding as well using a fork.
Make sure everything is mixed well, so that every bite will have a bit of apple, cranberry and of course black pudding.
Mark as complete
Get the puff pastry sheet ready
Slice halfway lengthways, then cut each side vertically.
You can either cut them in the size you want your puff pastry bites to be in, but it will make it a lot harder to fill up, so I would recommend going for double, then cut it once they are filled up. I cut mine in strips of about 8 cm wide, 15 cm long.
Mark as complete
Place the stuffing on the edge of your puff pastry strip
Roll up and then use your fingers to stuff the stuffing in a bit more from both sides, that way you'll be able to add a bit more to it as well.
Cut in half - unless you already cut the sheets into your bite size sizes of course. Repeat for all your pieces.
Mark as complete
Crack an egg in a bowl, mix well and use a pastry brush to brush the top of every puff pastry bite.
Sprinkle chia seeds/sesame seeds on top. Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
Have a look at them when they come near the 20 minute mark, if they look a bit pale they will need to go in for a few more minutes, if they look golden-brown and crispy you can take them out.
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