Braised red cabbage with apple & red onion



I used to rarely eat any kind of cabbage or let alone try to create recipes with it, but a couple of months ago I used red cabbage in one of my recipes and I had so much leftovers that my sister ended up turning it into braised red cabbage with apple. I absolutely loved the flavours of it, sweet with a hint of sourness from the vinegar.

A couple of months later I found myself with loads of cabbage leftovers again, so I decided to make my own braised red cabbage with apple & red onion recipe.

Although red cabbage can be bought all year round, they are at their best in Autumn & Winter times. In the warmer months I usually turn them into coleslaw or filling for rice rolls, but in the colder months I love eating it with mash & sausages. Apart from the time it takes to braise it, this a very quick & easy recipe. The only thing you need to do really is be able to chop vegetables.

I would highly recommend buying a full cabbage, use half of it in this recipe, use the other half in another recipe through the rest of the week. It can keep in the fridge very easily, even after it’s cut in half. The braised red cabbage can also be put in the freezer after you’ve cooked it. So you could of course also double the ingredients, cook the entire cabbage and just freezer the leftovers for another day.

Braised red cabbage with apple & red onion

Braised red cabbage with apple & red onion



Adjust Servings
1 small red cabbage
3 Granny Smith apples (green)
10tablespoons apple cider vinegar
10tablespoons brown sugar
1 large red onion
25g knob of butter
250ml warm water


Slice up the red onion into thin strips.
Heat up a large knob of butter in a deep pot and add the onion.
Mark as complete
Remove the outer leaves of the red cabbage and remove the thick white chunk/stem at the bottom.
Slice everything up into thin strips and add it to the onion, give it a quick stir.
Mark as complete
Peel the apples, remove the core and slice them up into small chunks
Add it to the other ingredients.
Add 250ml water, half of the sugar & vinegar.
Mark as complete
Cook with a lid on for 10 minute at low-medium heat,
Taste to see what you think, I added the rest of the sugar & vinegar at this stage as I thought it needed more flavour.
Cook for another hour, until the cabbage is soft but still slightly crunchy.
Mark as complete

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