Breaded blue grenadier (fish) tacos with papaya, avocado, dragon fruit & cherry tomato



Happy New Year everyone! 2020 has gotten off to a really good start for me already and I really hope your year will be fantastic too. To kick off the year I’ve created a delicious taco recipe using a type of fish I had never had before back in Europe: Australian Blue Grenadier. I was inspired by my first visit to the South Melbourne market, where I had some amazing fish tacos at the APTUS seafood bar. I’ve always loved adding fruit and sweet ingredients to my taco’s so I added papaya, dragon fruit, avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Making these tacos is very easy, we first dust the fish in flour, then dip it in egg and then coat it with panko breadcrumbs. All that’s left then is to fry them in some oil and to chop up the fruit.

I must say I’m really enjoying all the food here in Australia, from Wagyu beef to Barramundi, from schnitzels to dumplings. There are lot of new ingredients I’m discovering but also a lot of meals, not just from the Australian cuisine but also the Asian one as there is a huge amount of Asian food around the place. I’ll be sharing a new dumpling recipe soon as well, inspired by some really tasty ones I’ve had here.

Breaded blue grenadier (fish) tacos with papaya, avocado, dragon fruit & cherry tomato

Breaded blue grenadier (fish) tacos with papaya, avocado, dragon fruit & cherry tomato



Adjust Servings
500g blue grenadier
1 papaya
1 dragon fruit
2 avocados
10g lemon thyme
4tablespoons dried parsley
100g cherry tomatoes
2 limes
12 small tortillas
100g panko breadcrumbs
100g plain flour
2 eggs
salt & pepper
your favourite dressing


Slice the fish up into thick strips of about 1cm wide.
Prepare 3 bowls: flour, eggs (whisk them together), breadcrumbs. Season the breadcrumbs with dried parsley, pepper & salt and the lemon thyme.
Take your fish fillets, coat them in flour first, shake off any excess flour. Then gently dip it into the egg bowl. Now coat it with the seasoned breadcrumbs and set aside on a plate. Repeat, but keep in mind: blue grenadier is a really soft fish that falls apart easily so be as gently as you can.
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When all the fish is done add olive oil to a deep pan.
How much oil you should use depends on the thickness of the fish, try to get about half the thickness of the fish, in my case it was about 1 cm of oil. Fry on one side, turn it over when it's looking golden brown and cook on the other side. If you only have a small pan you can keep the pieces of cooked fish warm in the oven at low temperature (100-120°C fan).
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Meanwhile prepare the fruit
Slice up the avocado, scoop out the papaya seeds and cut it up, slice the dragon fruit in half and scoop out the flesh too. Half the limes and the cherry tomatoes.
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When all the fish is cooked it's time to microwave the tortillas, follow the instructions on the package.
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Now it's time to dig in!
Put some lettuce on the bottom and then add a nice mix of fruit & fish. Season with lime juice and use your favourite dressing to finish it off.
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