Celeriac Soup With Pan Fried Garlic & Ginger, Pine Nuts And Parsley Oil



Celeriac is one of those ingredients that a lot of people tend to skip as it’s not very commonly used and has an odd shape. Even I only ever had it as either a soup or with mashed potatoes (blended into it). I won’t lie, it’s obviously harder to cut than a turnip or potato but it really has such a lovely flavour it is totally worth the effort.

I kept the flavours in this soup quite basic. I only added a little bit of ginger and garlic, pine nuts and parsley in addition to the onion, celeriac and vegetable stock cube. I used cream to make it silky smooth. It’s mentioned in the recipe below too, but as you can see in the photos I added the ginger and garlic on top to serve. However, keep in mind that not everyone likes biting into pure garlic or ginger as they both have strong tastes.



Adjust Servings
1 celeriac
3 cloves of garlic
10g ginger
1 white onion
10g butter (can be dairy-free)
1 vegetable stock cube (low salt or unsalted)
1l water (at least)
1tbsp dried rosemary
2tbsp pine nuts
200ml cream
35g flat-leaf parsley (fresh)
8tbsp good quality oil (olive or rapeseed)
1tbsp apple cider vinegar If you don't have any vinegar in the house you can also use lemon juice
Salt and pepper


Cut the skin of the celeriac
Chop in large chunks of about 3-4cm
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Roughly chop the onion
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Melt butter in a soup pot
Add onion, stir for 2-3 minutes then add the celeriac and rosemary. Season with pepper and salt (go easy on the salt).
Cook for 5 minutes, then add the stock cube and water. Start with 1 liter and add more if needed. I used about 1,5l as I don't like super thick soup.
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Simmer at medium heat for 15-20 minutes until the celeriac has softened
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Meanwhile thinly slice the ginger and garlic
Add a tiny bit of oil to a frying pan and fry at high heat until crispy.
Add them to the soup, you can leave a few pieces aside for plating up if you are serving guests but keep in mind it's not very pleasant to bite into pure ginger or garlic (for most people) so make sure to give them a fair warning.
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Add the pine nuts to the frying pan
Cook until they start to brown. They can go from being slightly coloured to burned very quickly so don't leave the pan unattended.
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Blend the soup
Add the cream gradually after the soup has blended. You can add between 200-250 ml, don't add too much or you'll take away too much of the celeriac taste.
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Put the parsley, cider, and oil into a food processor
Season with pepper and a little bit of salt
Blend into a thick oil
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Serve your soup with the pine nuts, oil and (optional) the ginger and garlic
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