Crackers with Roasted Beetroot, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Mint, Thyme and Honey

super easy


My second to last recipe of 2023: Crackers with Roasted Beetroot, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Mint, Thyme and Honey! I really love combining beetroot with a creamy spread like goat cheese or Philadelphia. By roasting the beetroot first (you can let it cool down after), it gets a milder flavour.

Other than roasting and slicing the beetroot, this recipe barely requires any effort. Do be careful though, beetroot leaves bad stains on clothes and wooden items so don’t chop it on a wooden chopping board unless it’s one that can easily be cleaned. And be careful not to stain your clothes either – this won’t be much of a risk while eating as you can hold a napkin under it and the beetroot is also less wide than the cracker, but it’s more of an issue while slicing it.

One last thing to keep in mind: don’t put the beetroot on the crackers too much in advance. After a while the juices will start to come out.



Adjust Servings
30 savoury crackers I love the rosemary crackers from Dunnes!
3 cooked beetroots and their juices
1 handful fresh mint
10g fresh thyme
280g Philadelphia Original
6tbsp honey


Preheat the oven to 200 °C
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Put the beetroot in an oven-proof dish with their juices
Cut each beetroot in half
Drizzle with some oil (olive, rapeseed, ..), add the fresh thyme but keep 5 small twigs aside to put on top of the Philadelphia. Cook for 20 minutes.
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Let the beetroot cool down completely
Then slice in thin slices. If the slices are wider or as wide as the crackers: slice them in half!
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Time to stack our crackers!
Take a cracker, spoon about 1 teaspoon of Philadelphia in the centre and spread it out gently.
Sprinkle a bit of fresh thyme on top
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Put (half) a slice of beetroot on top
Drizzle a little bit of honey on top. Honey can be really overpowering on a cracker so don't go for too much.
Sprinkle a bit of mint (cut up in thin strips) on top and enjoy!
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Tip: don't use a plain cracker, go for one with some herbs, like rosemary crackers

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