Cranberry & Apple Spritzer Mocktail

super easy


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally two days where a lot of alcohol is consumed. So when my friend suggested I make some mocktail recipes, I was immediately sold on the idea. I created 5 mocktail recipes, 4 very easy ones and one requiring a bit more effort.  This is again a really easy recipe, and requires less effort than the Non-Alcoholic Mimosa Mocktail as there is no juicing involved in this one. All you need to do is add equal amounts of apple and cranberry juice and top it up with Sprite. Serve it with some fresh rosemary and some cranberries on a skewer. Note: fresh, raw cranberries are really bitter. Keep that in mind to either tell your guests or replace them with a sweeter alternative.

I absolutely love sweet drinks so this Cranberry & Apple Spritzer Mocktail is my favourite of the five mocktails I made. If you’re not that into sweet drinks there are two things you can do. You could add more Sprite which will tone it down. Or you can also use apple/cranberry juice with no added sugars.




Adjust Servings
150ml cranberry juice
150ml apple juice
250ml Sprite
To serve
fresh sprig of rosemary & cranberries on a skewer


Add cranberry juice and apple juice to a jug
Top up with Sprite and serve with fresh rosemary and cranberries.
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