Ginger Beer & Pineapple Mocktail

super easy


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally two days where a lot of alcohol is consumed. So when my friend suggested I make some mocktail recipes, I was immediately sold on the idea. I created 5 mocktail recipes, 4 very easy ones and one requiring a bit more effort. And just like that.. it’s time for the very last mocktail! The first time I ever drank ginger beer (non-alcoholic) was on the flight to Australia. I had heard it really helps with motion sickness and the flight was fairly bumpy so figured I’d give it a go. What a lifesaver it was!

That being said, ginger beer does have a very strong flavour and not everyone might like it that much. A great alternative could be ginger ale, which is usually less strong. My advice would be to just buy a small bottle of what you are thinking of using. Have a sip and see if it’s what you like before committing to buying more. I used Fever-Tree Ginger beer myself. We’re combining this with pineapple juice, one of my favourite fruit juices. The finishing touches? Fresh mint, lime juice and cinnamon!



Adjust Servings
1 lime
300ml non-alcoholic ginger beer or ale
200ml pineapple juice
11/2teaspoon ground cinnamon
handful of fresh mint
To serve
2 cinnamon sticks
twig of fresh mint


Mix the pineapple juice with the cinnamon
Juice the lime and add it to the pineapple juice. Add the ginger beer.
Mark as complete
Put a nice layer of fresh mint at the bottom of the glass and muddle them to release their flavour
Add your mocktail to the mint leaves, decorate with a cinnamon stick and a twig of fresh mint.
Mark as complete

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