Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Buckwheat Cocoa Pancakes

super easy


We are only 2 days away from Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday)! Last year I took on the challenge to raise money for mental awareness Ireland by baking over a hundred pancakes for my colleagues at work and I of course also wrote up a recipe for my thin pancakes or crêpes. I wanted to do something different this year and created a recipe for gluten-free, dairy free buckwheat cocoa pancakes. There is an egg in it though so it’s not vegan, but I have read that you can replace the egg with 1/3 mashed banana if you want to make it vegan, but I haven’t tried this myself yet.

I also didn’t add any sugar into the batter, as I was using very sweet toppings already, but if you want your pancakes to have some extra flavour then you can of course add a sweetener, as mentioned in the recipe below as well.

The recipe itself is super easy and it takes no time at all to make as we’re not letting the mixture rest, we just stir everything together and put it in our pancake pan. The lovely thing about these pancakes is that they will start to show little bubbles when it’s time to flip them over, so you can’t even flip them too soon and break them.

It was actually my first time using buckwheat flour and I’m quite liking it so far. No idea yet what else I’ll use it for so if anyone has any suggestions, do let me know in the comments below!



Adjust Servings
100g buckwheat flour
1tsp baking powder
6tsp cocoa powder
1 egg
1/2tsp salt
200ml rice milk
rapeseed oil or vegan butter
To serve
maple syrup or honey


Add flour, cocoa powder and baking powder in a bowl
Create a well in the middle and add your egg and milk. Stir it all together, it's not a thick batter so you don't need a machine for this at all.
I didn't add any sugar into the pancake batter, as I was going to put a lot of fruit and syrup on top and didn't want to overdo it, but if you are not adding syrup on top then you should make the pancake sweeter as it might be fairly bland otherwise. I would suggest adding 1 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup into the batter instead of sugar.
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Heat up butter (preferred) or oil in a pancake pan (or any other normal pan that's big enough)
Add half a ladle of batter into the pan, it will expand a little bit so don't make them too big. The first pancake is always an experiment anyway so if you're not happy with the size of it then you can make adjustments for all the other ones.
Once the bubbles appear, wait for a few seconds then flip the pancake over. Serve them with fresh fruit and of course: maple syrup or honey for some sweetness!
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Serve them with fresh fruit and of course: maple syrup or honey for some sweetness!
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