Grape & Rosemary Mocktail



Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally two days where a lot of alcohol is consumed. So when my friend suggested I make some mocktail recipes, I was immediately sold on the idea. I created 5 mocktail recipes, 4 very easy ones and one requiring a bit more effort. I previously shared the easier mocktails, but now it’s time for the only mocktail that requires a bit more effort. But in fairness it still isn’t a whole lot of effort. Tthe other cocktails were mainly just “mix this and this and this”. This Grape & Rosemary Mocktail is slightly different as we are making our own grape syrup. We are going to cook some fresh grapes in Demerara sugar, lime juice and grape juice and rosemary. We are using grape juice instead of water to really bring out the grape flavour in this. By adding the rosemary this early on as well we can get a lovely hint of rosemary in our cocktail. Once we have our syrup cooked it’s just a matter of leaving it cool down and then adding the remaining ingredients on top, as with the other recipes.



Adjust Servings
250g fresh grapes (red or blue)
100ml grape juice
3tablespoons Demerara sugar
1 lemon
1 large twig of fresh rosemary
To serve
1 lemon
4 small twigs of fresh thyme or rosemary


Half the grapes
Add them to a small pot along with the sugar, rosemary and grape juice. Juice the lemon and add it as well. Cook the grape mixture at medium heat and leave it simmer until you can easily mash the grapes. Pass it through a sieve to remove the rosemary & grape pulp and let it cool down completely.
Mark as complete
Fill up your glasses with a nice layer of crushed ice
Divide the syrup over the glasses and top with sparkling water.
Mark as complete

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