Hibiscus & Rose Water Iced Tea with Mint and Grapefruit

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This glorious weather we’ve been having in Ireland calls for some homemade iced tea! I have been buying hibiscus flowers in the health store in Mitchelstown every few weeks – as it’s a great way to reduce high blood pressure – but I haven’t come across it in supermarkets yet unfortunately. That being said, I recently bought a mini cookbook with some great drinks in it and saw hibiscus being combined with rose water and thought it was a great base for an iced tea.

I’m personally not a big fan of grapefruit as it’s just too bitter for me but I read that it’s a great way to balance sweet cocktails or iced teas. So I highly recommend putting a slice into your drink just to tone down the sweetness.

Hibiscus & Rose Water Iced Tea with Mint and Grapefruit

Hibiscus & Rose Water Iced Tea with Mint and Grapefruit




Adjust Servings
2tea bags earl grey
1l water
3tablespoons hibiscus flowers I found mine in Horan's Health Stores and have never found them in a supermarket.
4tablespoons rose water
3tablespoons honey
1 grapefruit
5twigs fresh mint
ice cubes


Boil water
Steep the tea bags in the water along with the hibiscus flowers. Leave the tea bags in for 3-4 minutes, leave the hibiscus in for an extra minute.
Take the tea bags out and sieve the tea to remove the hibiscus flowers. Add the honey.
Mark as complete
Leave the tea to cool down completely.
Mark as complete
Add the mint and rose water.
Mark as complete
Slice up the grapefruit.
Right before serving, crush some ice and add it to the glass first, then add the tea and finish off with some fresh mint and a quarter of a grapefruit slice.
Mark as complete

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