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If you’re new to my blog you might not know it yet, but I am originally from Belgium (but I live in Ireland). So today’s recipe is one that I probably should have done a lot sooner. Cause if there is one thing most Belgians love.. it’s mayonnaise on our chips(fries)! There is quite a big difference between French, Belgian and Dutch mayonnaise. The French one has a strong mustard taste, the Dutch one is quite sweet, and the Belgian one is slightly sour. I personally really dislike mustard so the French one was never my thing, and the Dutch one simply is too sweet. So Belgian mayo really is the only way to go for me. I added less mustard than most other recipes call for mainly because of my dislike for it, but the best thing about this recipe is that you can tweak it to your own preference (or well, any recipe really).

Fun fact: there is a decree in Belgium that states the conditions for mayonnaise to be called “Belgian mayonnaise”:

  • minimum total fat content: 70%
  • minimum egg yolk content: 5%
  • chicken eggs only
Tips & tricks
  • All ingredients must be at room temperature to prevent the oil from separating.
  • Use a mustard you like, I used a very small amount of Dijon mustard simply because it’s all I had and I didn’t want to buy a jar of mild one since I never use it
  • Use a neutral-flavoured thick oil like corn, peanut, or sunflower. Do not use olive oil. I used corn oil myself.
  • Don’t use a bowl but use a tall narrow beaker and a handblender. I have a Tefal Infiny Force mayonnaise attachment that works wonders but a regular hand blender will do. By using a tall instead of a wide beaker, you’ll be able to blend it better. If you don’t have a beaker, use a bowl but you’ll have to add the oil extremely slowly.


Adjust Servings
2 fresh egg yolks
1tbsp lukewarm water
2tbsp natural vinegar
1/2tsp mild mustard or Dijon mustard (stronger)
250ml corn oil, peanut oil, or sunflower oil
pinch of salt & pepper
1/8 lemon (juice)


When using a blender and a tall narrow beaker
Add all the ingredients to the beaker. Put the blender at the bottom and blend for about 5 seconds at the highest/power setting. Then move up and down until all the oil is incorporated.
Mark as complete
When using a bowl
Add all the ingredients apart from the oil to the bowl. Mix/blend the ingredients, then very (VERY) slowly add the oil while blending/whisking.
Mark as complete
All ingredients have to be at room temperature

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