Homemade roasted tomato soup with red onion and garlic

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For someone who has rarely ever made homemade soup, I’m really starting to get into the habit of it! You may remember I most recently made my first butternut squash – carrot soup, but I’ve also made beetroot soup, white asparagus soup and parsnip soup before. Today it’s time for another basic but good one: tomato soup! Just as with the butternut squash soup, I decided to roast the tomatoes first, as it makes them much sweeter, especially when you combine it with red onion.

Now one thing to keep in mind though is that regular tomatoes are not in season right now, which is why I’m using plum tomatoes as they are available all-year round and are a great substitute. You can substitute it with tinned tomatoes too but I personally think you’re better of making it all from scratch. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your soup and you’ll feel so proud when it’s ready!

One of the reasons i’m making my own soup nowadays is because it’s of course very easy, but you can also make one large batch and then freeze it so you’ll have plenty to go around for a long while. Apart from that you’re also completely in charge of the ingredients. In my case I’m intolerant to wheat and potatoes, which is often used in a lot of pre-made soups or instant soups. But more importantly the flavour is just so much richer! And if you don’t like to cook or spend too much time in the kitchen, don’t worry, making your own soup barely requires any time or skills, it’s usually just a matter of slicing, roasting and blending!

Spiced up homemade roasted tomato soup with red onion and garlic



Adjust Servings
750g plum tomatoes
1 large red onion
2 cloves of garlic
150g tomato puree/paste
1 vegetable stock cube
750ml water
2teaspoons paprika powder
olive oil
sea salt & pepper
150ml soy cream


Preheat your oven to 200°C Fan.
Slice your tomatoes in half and remove the little green bit at the top, place them in an ovenproof roasting tin.
Slice up your onion in thick equal slices (I cut them in half, the cut each half in 3-4) and scatter them in between the tomatoes.
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Peel the garlic cloves
Take a large knife and press it down onto the garlic, this will release the flavour into the rest of the ingredients, so we can remove the actual cloves later on.
Drizzle some olive oil on top of our roasting veggies and pop in the oven for 35 min.
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Once the roasting is done, take the tin out of the oven.
You now have a choice to make, you can either keep the skin of tomatoes on, or remove it for a smoother texture of your soup but you'll obviously lose a bit of the flavour.
It's entirely up to you, you can also leave it on and sieve the soup later on if you want a smoother soup. Whatever you chose, remove the garlic cloves and add onion and tomatoes to a large pot, along with the tomato paste, water (start with 500ml), paprika powder, vegetable stock cube and season to taste.
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Let it simmer at medium-high heat for about 15 minutes,
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Blend the soup
At this stage you can add the additional 250ml gradually if you want the soup to be thinner. For a creamier effect you can add (soy) cream instead or combined with the water.
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Season with salt and pepper
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