Homemade stuffing

Want to make your own stuffing this Christmas? This easy recipe is full of flavour and so easy to make. I used it in my recipe for vegetarian/vegan stuffed butternut squash. It was the first time I ever made stuffing but I was so happy with the outcome. I really dislike superdry stuffing and this one was perfectly moist. A bit of crunch from the pecan nuts, delicious flavours from all the herbs that go in, and last but not least: red onion.

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Difficulty: super easy

Serves: 5-6

Serves:5-6 - Adjust Servings


200-250 g
15 g fresh parsley
1   red onion
2   bay leaves
2 tablespoons dried sage
a few twigs of fresh thyme
50 g pecan nuts
150 g butter
50 ml rapeseed oil


Slice the onion finely
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Heat up oil and butter in a frying pan
Once the butter has melted, add the onion and all the herbs and cook until glossy but not browned.
Let it cool down for +-10 minutes.
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Chop the pecan nuts
Add them to the breadcrumbs and add the cooled down butter/oil mixture as well. I used about 200g of breadcrumbs but I prefer a very gooey stuffing. Add a bit more for a drier stuffing. Don't add more than 250g though.
Remove the bay leaves before using.
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