Irish breakfast pastries



With Easter only a few days away this Irish breakfast pastries recipe is one to add to your brunch list. Ballymaloe relish, Clonakilty black pudding, bacon, eggs, and croissant pastry? These Irish breakfast pastries have it all. All that’s missing is some sausages but there was just no way of adding them too.

The pastries are ready in no time once you get the hang of how to roll the pastry up into a knot. To make things easier I’ve recorded some videos for this recipe as well to show you how to roll it up. Excuse my shaky hands though. It’s an unfortunate side effect of a painful issue with my hands I’ve had for almost 10 months.

One tip though on the type of bacon to use. I used streaky bacon myself but cut the fat off the side. The bacon will not get crispy while in the pastry which makes the fat hard to eat. You could also go for bacon that has less fatty bits though to make things a little easier.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Irish breakfast pastries



Adjust Servings
200g bacon
280g black pudding
2 rectangular flaky/croissant puff pastry sheets of 375g each
1 small egg
6tbsp Ballymaloe relish


Preheat the oven to 220°C (fan)
Mark as complete
Cut the pastry sheet in half lengthwise
By doing so, the bacon (streaky) will be the same width as the pastry (horizontally) and you'll be able to put 5 pieces vertically.
Repeat for the other sheet and spread the Ballymaloe across two of the halved pastry sheets.
Mark as complete
Put 5 strips of bacon vertically on top of the Ballymaloe
Make sure to spread them evenly
Repeat for the other puff pastry sheet.
Mark as complete
Slice up the black pudding
Crumble it on top of the bacon, try not to go beside it too much as there's a risk of it falling out when we twist the pastry.
Repeat for the second pastry sheet.
Mark as complete
Now take the two pastry pieces we haven't used and put it on top of the sheets with the bacon & pudding
Use a knife to cut the pastry sheets into 5 strips, making sure you have 5 pieces that are equal in size and that you don't cut into the stuffing.
Press the edges of the top pastry sheet down onto the bottom one of each pastry strip, just to help it stay together a bit better when we twist them.
Mark as complete
Take one of the pastry strips
Twist it until you can't twist no more (see video) then start making a round and twist the top part underneath the whole in the middle. Press the "bun" together nicely but not too much.
Repeat for the other 9 strips
Mark as complete
Whisk an egg in a bowl
Brush it along each pastry bun
Mark as complete
Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes
Or until golden-brown.
Mark as complete
I used 200g of streaky bacon. You can use a different type but make sure you end up with 10 strips of bacon that aren't too wide

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