Irish toast (brioche with custard) with warm apples

super easy

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A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for brioche bread and now it’s time to take that recipe to the next step. It’s time to introduce.. Irish toast! We all know French toast, where they dip brioche bread in an egg mixture; but with Irish toast we’re dipping it in custard! And of course adding some more custard on top.

I’ve made the custard myself for this recipe, which is very easy but you can of course buy ready-made custard to save time.

Warm apples are added as well for some extra sweetness.



Adjust Servings
brioche bread
25g custard powder
3.5tablespoons caster sugar
5g vanilla sugar or a few drops of vanilla essence
400ml full-fat milk
2 red apples


Slice the bread
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Put the milk in a saucepan
Take about 10 tablespoons back out and put them back in your measuring cup.
Add the sugars (or caster sugar + vanilla essence) to the saucepan with milk and add the custard powder to the milk you put back in the measuring cup. Mix the custard really well so you have no lumps but a smooth mixture.
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Bring the milk to a boil and make sure to mix regularly
Take it off the heat once it boils and add a few tablespoons to the custard mix - one by one and mix it well each time. This will heat up the custard mixture and allow us to stir it well and avoid lumps. If you add the cold custard to the boiling mix for example, the risk of clumping increases.
Once you have added about 10 tbsp of the hot milk the custard mix should be starting to be lukewarm or warm. Now gradually mix it in with the pot of milk and sugar.
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Put the saucepan back on the cooker
Increase the heat to medium heat for a few minutes to thicken the custard just a little bit.
We don't want this to become set custard so it still needs to be pourable. Set some aside to serve on top of the brioche
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Heat up a frying pan with a bit of butter or oil
Dip the sliced brioche in the custard and fry it in the frying pan like you would with French toast.
Flip it around once it starts to become golden brown
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Slice the apples in half, remove the core and slice each half in about 6-8 swedges.
Heat up another frying pan with some oil and brown the apples lightly. You want them to be soft with just a touch of colour.
You can add some sugar as well if you want to caramelise them lightly
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Serve the Irish toast with the warm apples, some custard, powdered sugar and additional fruit if you want
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