Malteser croissants (croisstesers)



Prepare to have your mind blown with this extremely quick and easy recipe for Malteser croissants (aka croisstesers). We will be using ready made puff pastry to make it easier, making this the perfect Easter breakfast pastry to have. If you know how to make croissant dough and have the time I’d of course recommend making the dough as well.

We usually have a brunch for Easter, with all sorts of pastries, sandwiches, breads, spreads, bacon & eggs and so on. But my favourite on the table always are croissants though, it used to be my breakfast of choice on a Sunday too when I lived in Belgium as that’s when my dad would go to the bakery in the morning for pastries.

I know it’s going to be a challenging Easter this year, but we can still enjoy a fabulous Easter meal with your household or by yourself. With only 3 ingredients you can make a recipe that no one has ever had before (I honestly can’t find it anywhere online) but that everyone will love.

Love Maltesers? Love croissants? Then give these malteser croissants a try!

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Malteser croissants (croisstesers)

Malteser croissants (croisstesers)

Malteser croissants (croisstesers)



Adjust Servings
3 square puff pastry sheets If you have an option go for butter puff pastry
39 maltesers And a few extra to eat while making these malteser croissants
1 egg
icing sugar
edible decorations or chocolate sprinkles


Preheat the oven to 200°C Fan.
In order to get the shape of a croissant, we need to cut the pastry up into long triangles, then roll them up. Watch the video above to see how I cut mine, you should be able to get 3 perfect triangles out of it and 2 pieces on the side that aren't exactly a triangle, but they can still be used for very small croissants.
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A few things to pay attention to
You need to be able to fit 3 maltesers on the bottom of the triangle, and have some space on the side so that they don't completely ooze out while baking. To avoid this, make sure the bottom is at least 6 maltesers wide.
For the small ones you will either be able to fit one or two maltesers on it depending on how big you cut the main triangles.
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Put the maltesers at the bottom of the triangle
Roll it up until you get to the top which should land in the middle of the croissant for that iconic look.
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Whisk the egg
And brush it on all sides of the croissant. You can sprinkle it with edible decorations or chocolate sprinkles if you'd like (the chocolate will melt of course so don't go too crazy with the amounts).
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Bake the croissants until golden-brown
Which will be around 20-25 minutes. Dust some icing sugar on top and enjoy!
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