Non-Alcoholic Mimosa Mocktail

super easy


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally two days where a lot of alcohol is consumed. So when my friend suggested I make some mocktail recipes, I was immediately sold on the idea. I created 5 mocktail recipes, 4 very easy ones and one requiring a bit more effort. This virgin mimosa or non-alcoholic mimosa is the easiest recipe I came up with. All you need is two ingredients: fresh orange juice and Sprite.

As the recipe is very easy, I made my non-alcoholic mimosa with fresh orange juice rather than store-bought. You can of course replace it with good-quality orange juice from the shop if you want to save time or are making this recipe for a lot of people. Avoid getting orange juice with pulp though, the less pulp we have in our non-alcoholic mimosa, the better!



Adjust Servings
4 fresh oranges
equal amounts of Sprite (around 280 ml)


Squeeze the oranges
Remove as much pulp as possible, pass it through a strainer if needed. Add to a big jug.
Top up the orange juice with equal amounts of Sprite, which will be around 280 ml but depends on the size of the oranges. Pour it into the champagne glasses.
Mark as complete
Alternative: the foamy version
Alternative: if you want to add a bit of a "foam" at the top of your drink then add the orange juice to the glasses first and top them off with Sprite in the glasses.
Mark as complete
Serves: 4 champagne glasses

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