Pan-fried fennel with honey, sage & thyme

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Fennel is one of those ingredients that tends to divide the table’s opinions: you either hate it or you love it. Even as a kid I used to love fennel, even though it has quite a strong flavour but not everyone in my family did so we only rarely ate it. But I love it even more now and eat it at least once every two weeks when it’s in season. It goes very well with fish and is really healthy, especially if you have high blood pressure. Although there a few different ways you can cook fennel, I’m currently all over pan-frying it with some honey and herbs. The honey adds a lovely sweetness to it and the herbs give it that finishing touch that makes it go so well with white fish.

There are few ways you can pair pan-fried fennel, but I highly recommend roasting some cherry tomatoes and serving it with some cod or hake. You can also add some roast potatoes too of course!

Pan-fried fennel with honey, sage & thyme

Pan-fried fennel with honey, sage & thyme



Adjust Servings
2 large fennel bulbs
4tablespoons olive oil
2tablespoons honey
2teaspoons thyme
2teaspoons sage


Prepare the fennel
Cut off the fennel fronds - you can use it as garnish in a salad or discard them.
Cut off the root of the fennel and remove the hard outer layer. Cut down the middle of the fennel bulb and put the halves with the core of the fennel facing down. Slice up the fennel into thin slices.
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Put the fennel into a bowl
Add the olive oil, honey and herbs and make sure everything is coated well.
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Heat up a frying pan at medium heat
Cook the fennel until it softens, then increase the heat to give it that lovely golden-brown colour. Make sure you don't end up burning it of course.
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Serving tip: pairs really well with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, white fish or chicken.

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