Raspberry Bavarois With A Biscoff & Chocolate Biscuit Base And Raspberry Coulis



This recipe for raspberry bavarois with a Biscoff & chocolate biscuit base and a raspberry coulis on top was inspired by the Keeling’s Great Rewilding campaign, an initiative which aims to reverse the decline in pollinator populations. You can redeem the code from the packaging of their berries to get free Irish wildflower seeds. Each seed pack is full of 30 different Irish wildflower species and will be sure to brighten up gardens across the country as summer approaches.

There’s no denying that bees are important to the ecosystem. “Bees are by far the most important pollinators in Ireland; most pollination on the island is carried out by bees. This is because bees feed their young exclusively on pollen, so they are entirely focused on collecting it from flowers to bring back to their nests. In Ireland, we have 98 different types of bee: the honeybee, 20 different bumblebees and 77 different solitary bees (“solitary” meaning they work alone and do not form colonies). The variety in bees and other pollinators is important, as it helps to maximise pollination.

Raspberry Bavarois With A Biscoff & Chocolate Biscuit Base And Raspberry Coulis

At Keelings, we love to grow, but that wouldn’t be possible without the help of our pollinator friends. Join us in The Great Rewilding as we embark on a journey to reverse the declining population of bees and other pollinators in Ireland. By encouraging wildflowers to grow locally, our small changes can make a big difference. Whether you have just a few window boxes, a full garden, or are involved in a community garden, there are loads of actions you can take to help us on our rewilding journey. So, join in and grow wild with us!”

I wanted to support the campaign and decided to create this raspberry bavarois recipe that you can make using Keeling’s raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries which should give you the maximum amount of redemption codes allowed per household. Helping the bees and eating a delicious cake? Win-win!

Raspberry Bavarois With A Biscoff & Chocolate Biscuit Base

Raspberry Bavarois With A Biscoff & Chocolate Biscuit Base And Raspberry Coulis



Adjust Servings
150g Biscoff (speculoos biscuits)
150g Mcvities milk chocolate digestives
100g unsalted butter (can be vegan)
250g raspberries (for the filling) If you live outside of Ireland you can use frozen raspberries for the coulis
300g raspberries (for the coulis)
1 large lemon
10g gelatine sheets (for the bavarois)
6g gelatine sheets (for the coulis)
450ml fresh cream (not light)
4tbsp icing sugar
Mint & fresh fruit to decorate
3tbsp Baileys


We start with the base
Crumble the Biscoff and Mcvitties in a food processor or mixer.
Melt the butter at low heat and add it to the crumbled biscuits. Stir well.
Mark as complete
Line the cake tin with some parchment paper and put the base on top
Spread out and make sure it really hits the side of the tin. We don't want the filling to spill out along the sides. Press it down and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.
I didn't line the sides of my tin cause I find it too much hassle. You can do it of course if you have no issues with it.
Mark as complete
Moving on to the bavarois part itself
Put the gelatine sheets for the bavarois in a tall glass with cold water
Mark as complete
Put the bavarois raspberries in a pot along with the Baileys and half of the lemon juice.
Blend it using a handheld blender and heat it up until warm but not boiling.
Pass it through a sieve to remove the raspberry pips
Mark as complete
Put the sauce back into the pot
Squeeze the gelatine leaves to remove as much water as possible and add it to the sauce. Stir vigorously to ensure it's mixed in well. Let it cool down.
Mark as complete
Whip the cream up with 1 tbsp of icing sugar to soft peaks
Once the raspberry sauce has cooled down you can stir it into the whipped cream. Use a spatula for this, not an electric appliance.
Pour it onto the biscuit base and spread evenly. Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours to let it set.
Mark as complete
Put the remaining gelatine sheets in a tall glass of cold water.
Mark as complete
The final part: the coulis!
Take the remaining raspberries and put them in a pot with 3 tsbp of icing sugar and the remaining lemon
Blend it using a handheld blender and heat it up until warm but not boiling.
Mark as complete
Pass it through a sieve to remove the raspberry pips
Squeeze the gelatine sheets and add them to the sauce. Stir vigorously.
Let it cool down a bit (if it's warm it'll melt the bavarois filling) and pour it on top of the bavarois. Let it set for an hour.
Mark as complete
Finish with fresh fruit & mint or some chocolate decorations
Mark as complete
Needed: a pin tin with a loose base or a spring form tin, 19-20cm diameter and 6-7cm tall (or higher)
To make the chocolate decorations: melt dark (at least 58%) chocolate with a little bit of icing sugar at low heat. Use a piping bag to draw your figures, place in the fridge until hard.


  • Amanda

    Looks gorgeous and fairly easy to make…but here in Australia I have not heard of Biscoff or Speculoos…what sort of biscuit can I substitute?? Thank you

    • tvdheuvel

      Hi Amanda, from what I remember they used to sell Lotus Biscoff Biscuits in Woolworths (and Coles?) when I was there (in 2020) but it was fairly new and I’m not sure if it caught on so maybe they no longer sell it. It is a very unique flavour but you can replace it with any biscuits you enjoy eating. I have read that some people replace them with ginger snaps but haven’t tried that myself.. I did make a chocolate mousse tart with Tim Tams that would go well with the bavarois as well, you can find the recipe on https://fernandfollie.com/recipe/tim-tam-tarts-with-chocolate-mousse-freshly-whipped-cream-and-raspberries/. Hope you enjoy it!

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