Roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines with chives, cream cheese, and roasted hazelnut

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Is there a better occasion for verrines than Christmas? I don’t think so! I love serving verrines as an appetiser. Not only do they look really festive but you can get so creative with them as well! These roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines with chives, cream cheese and roasted hazelnut are also really easy to make. You can buy cooked beetroot and roast them, or buy them raw, boil them yourself and then roast them. The goat cheese dollop doesn’t require anything but a food processor, and the roasted hazelnuts only take a few minutes to make.

You can prepare each element in advance so that you only need to fill the glasses on the spot. Not a fan of cream cheese? You can also use mascarpone or heavy cream or only use spreadable goat cheese. The spreadable version contains more water which means that once you mix it it’ll get smoother already, whereas the log I used was very thick.

If you don’t know what to do with any leftover beetroot you might have, then check out the following recipes:

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  2. Beetroot hummus with za’atar
  3. Beetroot juice with apples and carrots
  4. Beetroot mousse with smoked trout and green apple

The finishing touch on these roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines? Some fresh basil!

Roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines with chives and cream cheese and roasted hazelnut

Roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines with chives and cream cheese and roasted hazelnut

Roasted beetroot and goat cheese verrines with chives and cream cheese and roasted hazelnut



Adjust Servings
1 cooked beetroot
125g goat cheese log without rind
15g hazelnuts
10g fresh chives
fresh basil
50g Philadelphia cream cheese


Preheat the oven to 220°C Fan
Quarter the beetroot and roast for 20 minutes. Note: to avoid staining your hands I highly recommend wearing kitchen cloves when handling beetroot.
Mark as complete
Put the hazelnuts on a separate tray
Cook them along for the last few minutes together with the beetroot (no more than 5 min or they might burn)
Let the beetroot and hazelnut cool down completely
Mark as complete
Add the goat cheese, cream cheese and chives to a food processor
Blend into a smooth mixture.
Mark as complete
Crush the hazelnuts
The easiest way is to add them to a ziplock bag (go for an eco-friendly one that you can reuse) and rolling over the bag with a rolling pin.
Mark as complete
Finely chop the beetroot
Mark as complete
Fill the verrines
Start with a nice layer of beetroot, try to fill up a little over a third of the glass. Then add a lovely dollop of the goat cheese mixture on top and finish with the hazelnut crumble.
You can add some fresh basil on top as well or some chopped chives.
Mark as complete

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