Roasted Tomato and Fennel Soup

super easy


I previously shared a recipe for Homemade roasted tomato soup with red onion and garlic, and this is version 2.0. This roasted tomato and fennel soup is very similar to the other roasted tomato soup, but we are leaving out the garlic and are adding fennel instead. It’s a fuss-free recipe, almost no work is needed and it’s a great Winter lunch recipe. It’s also a great way to introduce fennel to kids as it’s not overpowering when combined with tomatoes, there’s only a subtle hint of fennel in the soup.



Adjust Servings
750g large tomatoes on the vine
2 large bulbs of fennel
1 red onion
550ml water
1 vegetable stock cube
150g tomato puree/paste
3tbsp dried parsley
3tbsp smoked paprika
rapeseed oil


Preheat the oven to 210°C Fan
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Quarter the onion, half the tomatoes, and trim the fennel
To trim the fennel: Cut off the fennel fronds - you can use it as garnish the soup later. Cut off the bottom (only a few mm) and quarter the remaining bulb.
Place everything in a deep dish and drizzle with oil. Season with pepper and place in the oven for 20 minutes. Tip: I used eco-friendly parchment paper to prevent the tomatoes from sticking to the dish.
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Put a pot at medium heat, add the roasted tomatoes, onion and fennel and all the juices from the oven dish.
Add water, stock cube and the remaining herbs as well as the tomato puree.
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Simmer for 10 minutes, then blend the soup.
Serve with croutons, fennel fronds, and/or some (soy) cream.
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