Sweet Potato, Red Pepper, Onion, And Carrot Soup

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There are a few ingredients I buy every week, but don’t always end up using: courgettes, peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes. They then either end up in a quiche or as soup at the end of the week. And this sweet potato, red pepper, onion, and carrot soup is one of those leftover soups I made. I had two peppers left, 3/4 of a fairly big onion, 2 carrots that were going soft and one large sweet potato.
I already had plans for making a quiche later in the week so decided to turn all those lovely veggies into a soup I could have for lunch two days in a row. You could even freeze the leftovers as there is nothing in it that can’t be frozen.

Sweet Potato, Red Pepper, Onion, And Carrot Soup



Adjust Servings
1 large sweet potato (or two smaller ones)
2 medium-sized red peppers
2 large carrots
1 medium-sized onion
1 vegetable stock cube


Peel the sweet potato and carrots
Chop both in equally sized chunks. We'll be blending the soup later so there's no need to chop them finely. However, the smaller you cut them the fast the soup will be ready.
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Chop the onion and peppers as well
Tip: turn the pepper upside down (with the stem facing down), cut along the pepper's lines down to the stem and pull all sides open. This should make it easier to get rid of all the seeds as it should open up around the seeds.
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Heat up some oil, vegan butter, or butter in a deep pot
Add the onion, sweet potato, and carrots
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Cook for 5 minutes, then add the pepper.
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Cook for a further 5 minutes, then add the stock cube.
Fill the pot with water, just enough so that all veggies are covered. You can always add more water later if you prefer it to be less thick after blending the soup.
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Cook the soup until all the veggies are soft,
Serve with cream, fresh parsley, or bread. You can also pan fry a few cherry tomatoes and serve them in the soup for even more of a flavour feast!
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