Virgin Clementine Mojito

super easy


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally two days where a lot of alcohol is consumed. So when my friend suggested I make some mocktail recipes, I was immediately sold on the idea. I created 5 mocktail recipes, 4 very easy ones and one requiring a bit more effort. This Virgin Clementine Mojito is such a lovely twist on the original mojito. We are keeping the mint, sugar and lime but we’re also adding some clementine juice and little bits of clementine. I absolutely love clementines in Winter so they just had to be part of this Christmas mocktail. Make sure to stock up on crushed ice & clementines cause everyone will want more after drinking their first glass!



Adjust Servings
9 clementines
2 limes
8teaspoons Demerara sugar
2 handfuls of mint leaves
sparkling water
crushed ice
To serve
slice of lime and a twig of fresh mint


Juice 8 clementines and slice the remaining one into small pieces
Mark as complete
Juice the limes and add them to the clementine juice
Add the Demerara sugar and little bits of clementine and stir well with a spoon.
Mark as complete
Divide the mint over the glasses
Go for about 10 mint leaves per glass when using a tall glass like in the photo. Divide the juice over the glasses as well. Muddle it well to release the flavours of the mint.
Top the glasses with crushed ice
Mark as complete
Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water.
Mark as complete

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