Whipped Mozzarella, Ricotta and Strawberry Toast with Mint

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Hello blog, hello sunny weather!

I have really missed cooking new recipes (and the sunny weather) but moving house just took it out of me so much that had no time, energy, or access to my photography props) to create anything new.. until now! Strawberries are my favourite fruit and I just love this recipe for whipped mozzarella, ricotta and strawberry toast with mint so much. The creamy, whipped cheese pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the strawberries, and the addition of mint provides a refreshing twist that ties all the flavors together.

Of course, the key to making this recipe truly exceptional is to use high-quality ingredients. Fresh, juicy strawberries, creamy ricotta, and good-quality buffalo mozzarella are all essential components that come together to create a dish that’s bursting with flavour.

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Adjust Servings
250g good quality buffalo mozzarella
250g ricotta
5tbsp local honey
20g fresh mint
10 slices of bread
225g fresh strawberries (at least, depending on the size of the toast)
a few drops of balsamic vinegar


Add the mozzarella, ricotta and honey to a food processor
Blend until smooth and creamy
Chop up the mint and add about 1/3 to the mixture. Do not blend, it might make it look greenish then.
Mark as complete
Taste and add more honey and/or mint if you find it needs more
Not all mozzarella's and ricotta taste the same and some can be quite bland so you might want to add a bit more of the other ingredients to give it some flavour.
Mark as complete
Cut the strawberries into slices
Mark as complete
Toast your bread
Spread the mozzarella & ricotta mixture on top, along with the sliced strawberries.
Finish with some more fresh mint on top and some balsamic vinegar (optional).
Mark as complete

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