Soap Dish by Wild Atlantic Wood

Soap Dish by Wild Atlantic Wood
Ever since I discovered Wild Atlantic Wood on the Cork Craft & Design website I’ve been purchasing one thing after the other. Apart from a stunning candle holder, my other favourite are these soap dishes, as I was fed up with having plastic bottles with soap in it in my bathrooms and kitchen. These wooden soap dishes look stunning and are all handmade in West Cork!

About Wild Atlantic Wood

Wanting to create great looking crafts of a practical nature while keeping to the original form and colour of the wood as possible, imperfections and all, has being the guiding principle of Wild Atlantic Wood. Living in West Cork Ireland there is a good supply of fallen or cut branches from which to make many of my crafts, that and a local wood yard who only cuts native timber means I can, for the most part, use woods which have grown in West Cork on the Wild Atlantic Way.
Having worked for furniture makers both on the production scale and bespoke one off pieces along with making projects for home, I thought one day wouldn’t it be great to make something myself in my own workshop and have someone like it enough to want to buy it to have in their home. With this in mind I started my first stall at a local farmer’s market selling handmade crafts, having a customer buy my craft is great having them come back a few months or year later to say they were still happy with their purchase and are using it on a daily basis was even better. The next step was to expand this stall into a small business that I could work from home doing what I enjoy best, thus Wild Atlantic Wood was born.”

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